Back to Our Childhood

We’ve been sleeping and eating in the RV for about five days now. I’ve been so exhausted after full days of packing and cleaning at the house that I’ve actually lost count of how long we’ve actually been here. However, we are absolutely loving it, even with as little time as we’ve spent actually here at the campground.


But there’s something about RV’ing that brings you back to what life used to be like. It’s this weird concept…people are outside! RVs are small you know, 100-400 ish sq ft, therefore people tend to do more “living” outside. They cook/grill, eat, lounge, play, walk, bike, and clean their house on wheels or their cars, etc. There’s this automatic neighborliness that comes with living in a campground that you just don’t get in a neighborhood. If you live in a sticks and bricks home, think of all the time you spend in  your backyard. Now think how much you would see, people you would meet, if you did all those backyard things in your front yard. Now if you’re someone who enjoys their private/quiet backyard time, you may be cringing at this right now. have no fear though, National Parks are perfect for this!


There’s also this wonderful concept in our current campground that unfortunately people don’t do much anymore. It’s called sending your kids outside to play. Like I mentioned earlier, we’ve been here about five days. In those five days, I can’t tell you how many frogs, lizards, and dragonflies I’ve seen these kids catch (and release) in the evenings.


Here’s the second weird concept, they’re playing in and with nature. Granted, they have their bikes, razors, etc., but I haven’t seen many store bought “toys”. I haven’t seen a single…wait for it…TV, iPad, iPod, tablet, electronic device of any kind. It’s been glorious, just like it was when we grew up. Nature was the ultimate “toy”, friends were our partners in crime, and imaginations ran wild!



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