I Walked Into Kohl’s Pregnant

When I was pregnant with B over six years ago, my mom was in town visiting and we were heading to Kohl’s for some good ole shopping! This was her first visit after finding out I was having a boy, so we headed over to the toddler/kids section to peruse. I was unbelievably blessed by such wonderful friends that I had plenty of 0-12/18 month clothes. When I say blessed, I mean a mom of twin boys dropped off all her sons’ outgrown clothes prior to moving, making it where we could almost toss each item of clothing after he wore it!

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New FL Campground Review/Video

We recently wrapped up our stay at Destin West RV Resort on Okaloosa Island. If you’re interested in our campground review, click here. Make sure to check out our other reviews from other states as well!

Here’s a short video of some of our time at this resort!


RV or not, what is your favorite thing to do in the Destin, FL area?

Lessons From A Child

There was a car accident just outside our campground the other day. We were out getting some laps in when we began to hear siren after siren after siren. On one lap we saw all the police officers and firetrucks out there, as I reminded him how they were there to help the people who were injured. I didn’t realize just how bad the accident was until the life flight helicopter was circling the campground and the road outside to find a place to land. Having never seen a helicopter land in the middle of the road, my son wanted to go observe.

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