I Walked Into Kohl’s Pregnant

When I was pregnant with B over six years ago, my mom was in town visiting and we were heading to Kohl’s for some good ole shopping! This was her first visit after finding out I was having a boy, so we headed over to the toddler/kids section to peruse. I was unbelievably blessed by such wonderful friends that I had plenty of 0-12/18 month clothes. When I say blessed, I mean a mom of twin boys dropped off all her sons’ outgrown clothes prior to moving, making it where we could almost toss each item of clothing after he wore it!

As with any mom, there was no way I was walking through Kohl’s children’s section and leaving empty handed. I found three shirts that I just HAD to buy for my unborn baby boy. Since it was mid-spring there weren’t tons of options on sizes, so I found the perfect 2T, 4T, and 7T shirts for him over the years. I distinctly remember standing there looking at that 7T shirt thinking “He’ll NEVER wear this! He’ll never be this big!”

I’m going to get distracted, so bear with me. Something happened when I became a mom.  I’m not talking about losing all train of thought, all my privacy, those things are a given. I’m talking about the ability to freeze moments in time, forever.  For ever. Every single photo we have is a snapshot, a memory, of that exact moment in time. I remember the day, what we were doing, the moments leading up to the picture, the moments following; all of it so specifically as if I were transported back there. Because of this, I can get lost in our family pictures for hours, reliving it all.

That brings me back to my moment in Kohl’s. I remember it as if i were standing there right now. He will never be that big. I truly believed it. This baby, whom I’ve never met, could never grow up to be this big kid wearing this big kid shirt! 7! That’s like almost a highschooler! Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but when you’re at the baby phase, a 7 year old seems as far away as high school.

This brings me back to yesterday, sitting in his quiet room while he and his dad are at soccer practice. It’s starting to get cooler here in Florida and with a trip to Georgia in our plans, I had to locate all our winter clothes and B’s “bigger clothes” to switch out seasons. Out of all of the random clothes I have stored away for him, my heart sank when I pulled out this one. This 7T shirt that I held out while standing there in Kohl’s over 6 years ago.


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