Smooth Moving

People have asked us how difficult it is to pick up and go while fulltiming. “Fulltimers tend to have so much stuff setup outside” is a comment we frequently hear. A few days ago, we completed our first “move” while fulltiming. We figured we’d videotape the outside tear down to give you an idea of just what is involved in “moving” our RV. We didn’t have time to get an inside video, so we’ll make sure to tape that in a few weeks when it’s time to pack up again, but I’m happy (and shocked) to say that we didn’t have any mishaps inside during the move. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions or comments! Don’t forget to give us a “thumbs up” if you liked our video, and as always, SUBSCRIBE! ūüôā


Touch-A-Truck/Kite Festival

I love these little weekend exhibits! We hit up Touch-A-Truck and the Kite Festival back to back, all while having¬†a blast with some friends! The kiddos always LOVE looking at and climbing in all the big trucks. If your area has some of these events planned, I highly recommend them! They’re free, you walk around and get some exercise, make crafts from Home Depot, there are freebies to take home with you (which most people love, minus those fellow RVers!), and you get to learn all about these awesome trucks! They had dump trucks, police cars, helicopters, and much more!

Have you ever been to a Touch-A-Truck? If so, where was yours and do you recommend it?

Boys Day!

The boys headed off to¬†Ponce de Leon Springs State Park¬†for a little boys-only fun for the day! It was a bit crowded, but it was a neat¬†location with plenty to do! The water remains a constant 68 degrees, which sounded amazing during our hot Florida days! Little did the boys know, it would be a fairly chilly cloudy day, so the water wasn’t as refreshing as they anticipated! After all that cold springs water swimming, they had to head to the gulf to warm up a bit! Don’t forget to like our videos, comment, and subscribe!


The Nina and Pinta

Months ago, my husband went on a work trip and returned with a small Pinta for my son. He LOVES it still to this day! Aside from having a fascination with pirates and pirate ships,¬†he wanted to learn everything he could about these two ships. Needless to say, it was a bit of an easy decision about attending the homeschool tour of the Nina and Pinta when they came through town. I didn’t even tell him until we were on our way there because I knew he’d be too excited to sleep.

We paid, got put in our group, and walked down the boardwalk towards the two ships. That’s when it happened. I had just finished taking this picture…

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5 Things We Miss As Fulltimers

My previous post about¬†2 things I miss most while living in an RV¬†got us thinking about what we really miss about living in a sticks and bricks house. We decided to make a list, 5 for him and 5 for her, of things we miss most as fulltimers. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our list, as well as adding any of your personal ones below in the comments!

Marine Science Center Field Trip

We finally got around to checking out the¬†Navarre Beach Marine Science Station¬†on a local homeschool day. They had several stations where we could try out their water robots, learn about sea turtles and their nests, learn how to¬†net fish and were able to catch¬†(and release) tons of fish! There was a wonderful station where we learned all about pollution¬†and things that harm the Earth. We were able to be hands on with fish and even shark teeth, as well as observing¬†things that are in the ocean around us that we don’t regularly get to see while swimming. This was a great field trip, especially for those of us who won’t always live near the ocean. or who want to learn more!

Keystone Outback Exterior Review

Here’s our Exterior RV video! We will discuss the pros and cons of our 2015 Keystone Outback 324CG from an owner’s perspective! When we were RV shopping, all we wanted was a video by people who camped and/or lived in their RV, and could never find many. So we’ve provided you with ours! We hope this helps others to find their perfect RV for their family during their RV hunt, or just learn more about what to look for during the research and shopping¬†phase!

Let us know if you have any additional comments or questions! We’d love to hear from you!

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Happy 4th!

Happy July 4th everybody! We hope you had a wonderful vacation weekend! What did you end up doing?

Join us as we drive over the crazy that is Crab Island, head over the Navarre Beach bridge, and over to our favorite (almost hidden) beach, Opal Beach! How much stuff can one family carry to the beach? Find out in our video! You’l quickly see why we LOVE this beach, even on a holiday weekend! We’ll take you around Harbor Walk for date night, where we heard a great band, ate some grub, and acted like tourists. We unfortunately added Jackacuda’s to our list of places we don’t have to revisit. The food was sub-par, the drinks were good, but the price tag was high given the quality of the food.

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