2 Things I Miss Most While Living in an RV

We have lived in our RV for 7 weeks now and have been out of our house for about 6 of those. People are always curious if I miss it and oddly enough I always have to sit and think so I can honestly answer. Here are the two things I miss most since moving into our RV:

  1. I miss our garden! It was so wonderful walking right outside to pick some organic green bell peppers, some organic cucumbers, organic green beans, and organic corn. My family went through our organic spinach like it was growing out of style! That was probably our most popular veggie for us. I miss pulling organic carrots and organic sweet potatoes…well if you’ve ever pulled potatoes, you know I’m referring to having them on hand, NOT the actual process of pulling them. Because THAT was the longest four hours I’ll never get back! 😉 There’s something so amazing about growing your own produce and having it on hand whenever you need it! We thoroughly enjoyed our garden, miss it dearly, and recommend those of you on the fence about starting a garden that you jump right in!

It was almost depressing how quickly we were able to take apart our garden prior to becoming fulltimers. It seemed like it was a week-long project to set up, but only took an hour to tear down.

2. I miss our pool!! Oh, our lovely pool!! I am struggling not having it just outside our back door, considering we’re in the 90s daily now. I miss the wonderful refreshing feeling we get after jumping in following a hot run, the fabulous exercise it provides on a daily basis for both myself and my son, I miss playing and swimming as a family during the weekends. So, now that you all feel so sorry for me not having my own pool (first world problems, right?), I’ll remind you that I’m not too bad off since I do live minutes from the ocean. Considering I’m more of a pool girl though, I still ache for my pool.

In all seriousness though, the wonderful things that I now have by living in an RV severely outweigh those two things I still miss. Think about it. I didn’t mention a tub, more than one bathroom, counter space (although as I type I’m rethinking if that should be #3), privacy, none of it. The amount of family time we’re given is indescribably amazing, the feeling of complete happiness that surrounds our life right now, the ability to feel like you’re on vacation daily. These are the blessings I never knew were coming prior to fulltiming.


3 thoughts on “2 Things I Miss Most While Living in an RV

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  2. I love your joy of living and appreciation of life! The world needs that right now:) We don’t live in an RV, but I love decluttering and cutting back so we can enjoy more time together as a family. So glad you are enjoying yours!

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