Helpful Links

Here’s a list of some helpful homeschool/outside of school links for you to check out!

  • 50 Best Read-Aloud Chapter Books Part 1 and Part 2– by the ladies at My Mommy Style
  • 100 History Novels for Kids
  • Best Science Museums & Planetariums – You can never have enough science museums!!
  • Book Sale Finder – I don’t know about you, but I can NEVER have enough books around the house!
  • Factory Tours USA – 562 tours and counting! This site celebrates American imagination and industry. What better way to appreciate those qualities than to visit and tour America at work. The information on this site is maintained by many people throughout the United States who enjoy visiting American industry.
  • Free Museums – 20 US free to see museums
  • Scholastic Daily Tips – This is awesome for every parent! It gives daily tips for all ages for things to do with your children. Most are so simple and wonderful! I go through a month at a time and save them for rainy days (both literally and when I need to entertain a bored child).

What are some of your favorite websites? Share in the comments!


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