Disney on a Budget

For those that aren’t aware, a Walt Disney World vacation can cost a small fortune. Some people have referenced it being the same price as a trip to Tahiti or the Bahamas or Europe…you name it. Being the cheap person that I am, (so cheap that I went 10 years without buying trash bags) I have figured out some ways to make Disney cheaper. Here’s an insight into my cheap ways:

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Margs in a Bag

I have horrible teeth. There I said it! Part from genetics and part (may or may not) be due to poor dental hygiene when I was younger. But I’m not pointing fingers. 😉 Needless to say, I suffer from a rare but usual form of dental appointment anxiety (DAA). Look it up, it may actually exist. Bottom line, I don’t enjoy the dentist…at all. Pregnancy also did a horrific number on my teeth as well. I’m not even sure my teeth would survive another pregnancy at this point. We’re talking like 8-12 cavities and a root canal, I’ve blocked out the exact number to save my sanity.

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The Rug of Life…

The rug of life was ripped out from underneath me again the other day. Do you know that feeling? The feeling where you’re carrying on about your daily life and BOOM!! Next thing you know, your’re flat on your back with the world spinning around you. You desperately try to stand up, to hold onto something, in hopes of stopping the spinning. Well, that’s what happened today when I was told the doctor wants me back into the office to discuss my blood work. It’s amazing that after it happens once, that it takes less and less each time for it to happen again when you hear anything but good news. You would think you would become desensitized. Nope.

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The day that came and went…

Before my son was even born, I always heard how hard the terrible two’s were. His first year was hard, really hard. It was a struggle and the greatest learning experience I could/would ever encounter, and I’m sure other parents would agree. Fast forward to the terrible two’s…yep, they were terrible! Then I heard these whisperings of three being worse. Wait…what?? I thought after two, this whole parenting thing would be easy peasy. Ha! Boy was I wrong! With each new amazing developmental hurdle he accomplished that made my life more enjoyable, easier if you will, also came new challenges. Kids are born smart. Smarter than us parents! They are born knowing exactly which buttons to push to really irritate us.

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Homeschool Projects

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When we started our garden in the spring, we attempted to plant strawberries. Only 2 or the 6 seeds sprouted. They were both different, but yet both had feelers and daughter plants. We did the whole “eenie meenie miney mo” thing and picked one. Well, come to find out, we pulled the strawberry plant. 😦 However, on the up side, we kept a passion fruit plant and caterpillars apparently LOVE those! 

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