2 thoughts on “RV in Europe: Making the Jump Part 5

  1. On the verge of buying a ProMaster now. Need to ask, how do you like the front wheel drive? Also, did you get past the small side windows and the non tilting steering wheel position? Also, what kind of gas mileage highway are you getting? Thank you, Joel

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    • The fwd is fine, we really don’t mind the side windows because the windshield makes up for it with its height. The non tilt was a little bit of an adjustment, but my wife used/uses it as a daily driver and there were never any real complaints from her or I. It would make it easier to get in and out, and adds comfort for the longer trips, but we’ve done 7 hour legs without any issue. As far as mileage, we get about 22 hwy. Hope that helps!


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