Duraburb – November 2015

Build and Shakedown Review:

Duraburb sign

So here we sit roughly 45 days later with 3500 driving miles and 2000 towing miles (yeah we had some traveling plans) on our new Duramax powered Chevrolet Suburban. The one word that is continuously thrown around to describe this project as a whole, whether it is by friends, family, fellow travelers, or car enthusiasts is, and I quote…. “Unbelievable”.

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Homemade Ranch

What’s not to love about…

1. cheap salad dressing

2. knowing more about your ingredients


3. most or all ingredients are staples in the pantry and/or fridge.

Before I give you the ingredients, I will say I am in the process of learning more about mayonnaise. I’m not sure if I want to make my own or just buy a healthier, organic mayo. If you all have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!!

Alright, here’s the recipe!

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Get Some Coconut Oil!

Boy if I had a dollar for every time that phrase has been spoken in my house! For some time now, that has been my response for everything and used to drive my husband crazy…until he came to the dark side. Yes, after about a year of me pushing the many reasons why we should use coconut oil for….well everything, my husband finally agreed, or just came to the acceptance stage! 😉

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