New FL Campground Review/Video

We recently wrapped up our stay at Destin West RV Resort on Okaloosa Island. If you’re interested in our campground review, click here. Make sure to check out our other reviews from other states as well!

Here’s a short video of some of our time at this resort!


RV or not, what is your favorite thing to do in the Destin, FL area?

Lessons From A Child

There was a car accident just outside our campground the other day. We were out getting some laps in when we began to hear siren after siren after siren. On one lap we saw all the police officers and firetrucks out there, as I reminded him how they were there to help the people who were injured. I didn’t realize just how bad the accident was until the life flight helicopter was circling the campground and the road outside to find a place to land. Having never seen a helicopter land in the middle of the road, my son wanted to go observe.

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Piano On The Road – Online

It’s really difficult to partake in youth extracurricular when traveling fulltime. You miss out on the organized sports, but obviously gain so much more in travel and real world experiences. One thing that doesn’t have to end is musical instruments and instructions. I’ve seen several people discuss various instruments while on the road, but I can only attest to our success with piano. We started online piano lessons a few months prior to going fulltime, as we had a real piano at home. I was distraught when we had to put it in storage. We are currently searching for a keyboard to bring with us on our travels so we can continue our piano lessons.

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Fort Friday!!

Happy Fort Friday everybody! I’m assuming even our oldest of readers are building their forts as we speak…right?!? haha! You’re never too young to start! We have to be creative with our forts these days! We enjoy a good fort Friday! We’ve spotted a pretty day outside, so we’re heading out! Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!


It’s also worth mentioning that forts are a favorite pastime of ours when sickness has taken over our house! I highly recommend adding a fort day to your sick days! It works wonders!🙂

Do It Your SHELF!

There are certain modifications that you just cannot live without while living in a tiny space, and this is definitely one of them! If you haven’t seen our VERY IN DEPTH owner’s review, you can check it out here, but we had some issues with our closet situation (shocking, I know!) We have a pantry/closet option that we’re using for my husband’s closet, however it’s so short that even shirts have about a foot of crinkle/fold at the bottom which made all of his shirts look awful. Watch below and find out how we fixed it!

The Thing About Planning

Do you know that saying, “We plan, God laughs”? I feel like this should be the sole motto for fulltiming. Even traveling locally, I have YET to have my original plans remain unchanged. If you’re unsure as to why we didn’t fly by the seat of our pants when scheduling our travels, check out our Nobody Warned Me post.

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Fire’s Over, Hurricane’s Coming!

THE very next day after picking up our RV, all of Florida was expecting Hurricane Hermine. We weren’t supposed to get much action, but they did mandatory evacuate the Destin area for RVers, and we weren’t far from there. We needed to prep, and prep fast, for whatever would come our way! Here’s our video on how we prepped for our first Hurricane as RVers and fulltimers:

Anybody else feel like we’ve had one heck of a week? No? Just us?🙂

Our $900 Solution

For those of you following along with our RV electrical fire, we wanted to update you all.

Good news: nobody was harmed, there was no major damage, we had somewhere to stay while the RV was in the shop, it was fixed after only a few days

Bad news: It wasn’t exactly a cheap fix, we moved back into the RV just in time for Hurricane Hermine to head for land! With that being said, stay tuned for our RV Hurricane post coming soon!

Here’s our update on our RV repair:


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Goodbye RV :(

In case you missed it, you can read all about our RV electrical fire HERE. We just dropped off the ole RV, which for fulltimers, is our house too! We will miss her while she’s in the shop! We’ve packed for about 2-3 weeks, pulled all our fridge and perishable pantry items (as the A/C isn’t working), and taken toys, books, and school with us for our stay. We’re hoping it doesn’t take too long, and are blessed we have somewhere to stay locally! Watch as we drop off our house!



Read Next: Our $900 Solution