Van Build Videos

Man oh man, I don’t even know where to begin! We’ve made it to Europe and before we begin on updating you on all we’ve done while we’ve been here, I want to take the time to update you on the finalized van build. So I’ll throw some videos down below to catch you up if you aren’t one of our YouTube Subscribers! We’ve had some challenges with internet uploads and such, so it’ll take some time to get this up-to-date!











2 thoughts on “Van Build Videos

  1. I hope you are doing well. I realized that I haven’t watched a video from you for quite a while. I hope your life in Europe is treating you well and that you are still getting to travel. I look forward to RV videos when you return to the US or in your van travels.
    Take care,
    Mike Jordan

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    • Thanks, all is well here! Follow us on Instagram at for current updates. We haven’t found the time to make more videos just yet. Hopefully sometime this year! Right now we are busy renovating the van since we aren’t traveling. Hope you are safe and healthy!


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