My Closet

So, if you cannot tell from the picture, this is my closet. Some things about decluttering are fun and refreshing. Cleaning out your closet when you actually surprisingly wear most of these items….not so much. Today my husband spent an hour cleaning out his closet. And now…he’s…DONE! He is ready to move his closet into his RV closet. Just like that, he’s finished. Seriously dude?!? Back to my closet, this picture is after I’ve sifted through it….THREE TIMES!!!! Oye veh! Maybe by the 15th time, I’ll be RV ready…??



Nobody Warned Me

Nobody warned me how tricky it would be to make a fulltiming schedule, and clearly I never thought too much about it. Scheduling a campground for the weekend, or even for a week or two trip, is easy because we never stay anywhere longer than a few nights. If something isn’t available when fulltiming, you’ve got to get resourceful because you’re now talking about your home.
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Will our TT work for fulltime?

The short answer: yes. The rest of the answer: but not without some adjustments and challenges. Here’s the skinny on things we plan to adjust or just flat out live with. Please keep in mind, we only have our personal experiences of short traveling to base our opinions off of. We plan to learn along the way, as with anything else in life.

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To Fulltime or Not – that is the question!

For those of you who don’t know, fulltiming is a term often used in the RV world. It means that you live fulltime in your RV. Some people sell their S+B (sticks and bricks) home, some rent it out, others move out of their rental homes. Either way, they’re moving into a much smaller space for an extended period of time. Some people go into fulltiming with a set timeline, while others have no end goal. I’ve seen many people who take a 1-5 year sabbatical from their current life, and others plan to do it forever. Some people literally sell everything they own, while others put it all in storage. Some people fulltime to pay off their RV, some do it to become debt free, some to simply travel and see the country, and others may never leave their campground. So as you can see, fulltiming varies from person to person and family to family.

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A Zoo of a Field Trip!

We had such a wonderful (and frigid) field trip to the zoo for their homeschool day! My favorite was the adorable otters and little man was a fan of the fact that the goats were behind a fence, lol. Loose ones tend to enjoy knocking him over. But really, his favorite was the little monkeys, he would’ve stayed there forever if it weren’t for the playful fight that ensued over at the tiger cage! We learned so much and were able to pet some unusual animals, such as the armadillo! Here’s some pictures I took prior to freezing over completely! 😉

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Kids Are Weird

Anyone who has kids knows they’re weird. Plain and simple. My son, gotta love him, has weird opinions on food. I should preface this with the fact that he’s a WONDERFUL eater! I was absolutely blessed in that aspect. But man, does he have his own opinions on things. Almost every morning, we start our day with a great breakfast. We have eggs with some (or all) of the following: caramelized onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and/or cheese. Over the holidays I went to order an omelet at some breakfast place we were eating. Apparently, after the big fuss mind you, my son doesn’t “like” omelets. In fact, according to him, they’re disgusting. After I tried explaining what we eat every morning, I ended the conversation with a “o….k….a….y”. No omelet…today. So needless to say, from here on out we’ve had “eggs” for breakfast with “insert ingredients here”, but NEVER an omelet. Never!

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