Fulltiming’s a go! Now what??

Okay, so we’ve officially decided to fulltime in our RV! WooHoo!!! Now here’s some questions we’ve asked ourselves, keep in mind this is still a work in progress so we may not have all the answers, even when we think we do! Ha!

  1. Are we crazy for even considering this?!?

A: Absolutely! But life would be boring without some crazy!

2. How long should we plan on fulltiming?

A. Who knows! For someone who just spent our IRA money on an RV purchase, I’m very non committal. That goes for everything in my life lately. I’ll RSVP a “maybe” until I absolutely HAVE to decide, even if I know I”ll probably attend. I’m attached to the freedom of not committing. Annnnd….we’re I’m off on a tangent. We will go into this agreeing to a year, maybe 2 or 3, but we’ll do it until one (me) of us goes crazy and wants out.

3. Where’s our stuff going?

A. We have/will continue selling/donating things we don’t really use or need. Everything else will go into storage.

4. One campground? 3? 35?

A. We’re going to switch around between the local (affordable) campgrounds while taking advantage of shorter state park stays, all while traveling more often. So the real answer is, who knows? I should keep track for our first year just to see how many we stay at.

5. Can our current RV handle fulltiming?

A. We didn’t purchase this with the idea of fulltiming in mind. However, thankfully for us, we had some high freaking standards and it may actually work. Make sure to read our upcoming post to answer this question in more depth!


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