Welcome! We are homeschoolers, roadschoolers, and worldschoolers! My son is starting his “third” year of homeschool and will be in Kindergarten for the 2016-2017 school year.

We are following “The Well Trained Mind” classical style education with lots of free play, tons of fun reading, and some great outdoor activities. My personal opinion is that we (parents, society, etc) are so focused on pushing children towards early education, that they don’t have enough time to be kids anymore. I believe children should find a love for reading above all else, because once a child learns to read, they will forever love to learn about any subject or topic they chose. I am truly blessed to be able to see the world and experience learning through the eyes of my child each and every day. It is something so fascinating that others may never be able to understand or experience. I am eternally grateful I have been given this opportunity. Here’s the link to our classical education page for those interested in learning more about  “The Well Trained Mind”.

We are travelers at heart, and currently travel around the southeast United States. We believe that people learn best by experiencing things first hand, by touching, feeling, and seeing versus reading about it in a book. We feel that roadschooling partnered with a classical education is the best choice for our family.

Our Typical Day: After our morning bike ride/run, we “do school” most mornings for 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on what we have planned for the day. Outside of school, he is constantly learning new things. Learning never stops in our house. We learn at the grocery store/post office/library, we do field trips with local homeschoolers, have playdates, are involved in sports, and sometimes we make some really cool forts! Our travels are always planned around learning new things! And some days, we don’t do school at all. 🙂

Feel free to comment below if you have more questions regarding specific homeschooling information! I’d love to hear what works and doesn’t work for you!


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