How To Start A Travel Blog

Man I wish I had come across this prior to getting this blog set up! These are all wonderful tips for all you new us beginners, and hopefully if I catch you early enough, it’ll save you the countless hours it took me to figure out the world of travel blogging! Enjoy!

How To Start A Travel Blog


NOLA + 1st Night Camping!

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We stopped in New Orleans for a quick overnight trip when we bought our RV and stayed in a hotel near the Convention Center! We then stayed at Pontchartrain Landing Campground for a night once we picked up our RV, which was a short drive into town. We walked around the Garden District our first trip and hit up the French Quarter on our second trip. Reviews for Pontchartrain Landing Campground are under my “Campground Reviews” page.

Enjoy and leave us some comments! Feel free to share!