For Non-RV Owners Out There!

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I have recently learned this neat tidbit of information about campgrounds.

Did you know, that some campgrounds now rent cabins for guests who aren’t traveling by RV? For those of you wanting another option other than your typical hotel, keep this in mind! The ones we have seen are adorable and pretty comparable in price. Some are beach chalets, while others are rustic mountain cabins. This is perfect for meeting up with friends or family for a vacation! It is also a great option for those traveling by RV wanting to have family join, or those non-RV owners who just want to experience campground life and get away from those busy hotels! Here’s a photo of the “cabins” from our New Orleans trip! Click here to see our NOLA photos!

This was a cute little marina!

This was a cute little marina!

Some campgrounds also have travel trailers that you can rent if you’d like to experience life in an RV. You rent the RV and it’s already parked in your spot when you arrive! No towing, backing up, or hooking up need to be done! This is a much cheaper option over renting an RV from those RV rental companies and driving it, well, nowhere at all because they’re so dang expensive! We debating about renting an RV prior to our purchase, but you could easily spend your down payment on a week long trip in a rental RV! The rentals I have seen are typically your older travel trailers, so I suggest finding out specific information about one prior to renting. You could even request pictures! This is a great option for those wondering if you could handle RV life!

Either way, campgrounds nowadays have something for everyone!


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