Man Facts on Outback 324CG

Hey Folks,

Not real sure how to write these reviews as I could regurgitate the entire brochure with my impressions of each feature. However, if you are anything like myself your ADD will kick in and you’ll drift off into some fantasy. So, I’ll imitate other blogs who basically knock out their reviews in a short 5 min read. Reminder: this is just our initial review focused mainly on the Man’s perspective. It took us quite a while to satisfy my wife’s RV Requirement List, but we finally succeeded and found the perfect one! If you have any questions on features I didn’t cover please let me know. Alright let’s do this…


  • Good: The manufacturers dry weight says 7720lbs, which after dragging it across the scales with propane tanks and a little bit of fresh water, we are closer to 7900lbs. Fully loaded, the trailer weighs in at 10500lbs, which means a realistic cargo carrying capacity for us is about 2,600lbs. However, a full blown boondocking trip that requires full water, generator, and fuel leaves us with about 1100lbs of real weight to carry.
  • Bad: If we boondock, we will have to leave some of Mom’s shoes at home. :O

Toy Hauler Section:

  • Good: Okay, I know this is a pseudo toy hauler, but yes it will hold a golf cart. Sort of…the ramp is 56″ wide, which will accommodate all golf carts (48″ average width), but the length is only 93″. Therefore, only golf carts with the rear facing seats removed will fit. The good news is motorcycles, dirt bikes, kayaks (at an angle), and bicycles are no problem. 324cg_2016
  • Bad: I won’t ever be able to hold a UTV or Side-by-Side. Oh well. Also the ramp door is short, which means the ramp angle can be quite steep on certain terrains. I can avoid this by dropping the front of the trailer to decrease slope, but rumor is Keystone makes a ramp extension to help eliminate these steep slopes, however, I have yet to find one (i.e. hasn’t been a big enough problem…so I haven’t been looking.)


  • Good: There are USB charging stations everywhere for all our modern technology. While not ground breaking, the Bluetooth and radio ‘app’ are a nice touch as well. The master bed’s ability to tilt up helps us wind down at night with a good a book (mostly staring at our cell phones). It is also great for making extra space to walk around the bedroom. TV works well as a work station for mirroring my laptops imaging and working at the kitchen table.
  • Bad: If you tilt the bed and your taller than 5’8 your feet will be hanging over free space. Also don’t go thinking the 40″ LED TV is a top of the line Sony. The entertainment control panel (iRV) and the TV communication is on a primitive scale. It has all the right ports to make you think you can get into the iRV system and work magic, but I’ve found the system to be relatively limited at both the TV and the iRV control panel. Therefore, this means no USB for movies. However, we haven’t spent much time messing with anything other than the audio.


  • Good: One of the big pushes for this trailer was reports from other Outback owners that they can camp easily in 3 of the 4 seasons. Being in the southern half of Ahhhmerica, I’m hoping we can make that all 4 seasons, but we haven’t been able to really put that to the test yet.
  • Bad: Keystone uses an “Arctic Package”, which pretty much means nothing. While the undercarriage is enclosed and gaps are filled with some expanding foam, I have yet to find anything unique to this package that would more adequately prepare this camper for chilly nights. So, I’ll just rely on leaky heating ducts to keep the pipes and holding tanks from freezing…at least until we get real serious about winter camping.

And that is my quick down and dirty of our initial impressions on the 324CG. I’ll be going into greater depth after we get some more camping trips under our belt.

Here is a link to the Keystone/Outback website and their brochure.

Happy Trails!

68 thoughts on “Man Facts on Outback 324CG

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  2. I also have this trailer and love it. We have used it al season and found some design flaws. The front garage/bunk room has no heat. I corrected this buy ruining a duct threw the unbelly into the compartment. Also my kids had no way to reach the lites in that bunkroom. The bathroom has no heat. My cougar was the same way. The bedroom really needs that second a/c with a heat pump. We added the fireplace and love it. I also added that ramp extension. Some trouble tho to get the door to seal. Lots of modifications but now it works great. You need it for low Harleys. Trailer go down the road really good behind my daullie loaded.

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    • Thanks for commenting Ron! We have been using a space heater, but would love to hear how your ducted heat is working for you. The light in the kids room has been such a pain. Adding a switch to the next models would be a necessity in my book.


    • Question: Do you put a Harley in this toy hauler? There are none of these campers to look at where we live and my husband is concered that his Ultra Classic and my Sportser will not fit in the storage area


      • I’ve done a scale drawing of the garage on the 324CG and determined that my Yamaha V-Star cruiser will fit, but pretty tight. FYI, there is no way you’ll get more than one street bike in the garage; rest assured, Renee.


      • I am purchasing the 2021 324cg. My husband was able to get his 108 inch Gold wing in the garage and shut the door, however… the wheel was turned to the wrong angle for the kick stand. The Goldwing weighs 800 lbs and is longer than the 93 inch garage. The garage is 121 from corner to corner so… we was BARELY able to get it in and had a 2 inch clearance to shut the door. Our biggest concern was the Angle of the ramp. A Goldwing has very low clearance and did get hung at first even,,,with the extension. However we was not on level ground. We will try again on level ground. we are also haveing a 2nd extension made to change the ramp angle. We feel we need a 12 ft ramp to get to the 1:12 ratio that we think we need. Any thoughts please share


      • He there,

        We never had a motorcycle while owning this trailer, but hopefully some others can comment and offer personal experience. We did hear about others with this trailer having a ramp extension made, so it sounds like you’re on the right track as it is a very steep ramp for motorcycles! Hope that works!


  3. Good review of the trailer. Any other issues found with the trailer? We really like the floorplan and the bonus of being a toy hauler with a few bunkbeds. We have a bunkhouse trailer now that we bought new last year and have been very disappointed with it. I would tell you all the problems but their are too many to list. Anyways I was just wondering if anything else has come up. Our current trailer is nothing but a polished turd, no attention to detail and the craftsmanship is horrendous. Thanks.

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    • I’d have to agree with Ron’s comments on this post, he is spot on with any issues we weren’t privy to when we wrote our first post. The only other issue not listed is one we’re currently about to fix. We have a freshwater leak and haven’t been able to find it due to the undercarriage insulation. We are still under warranty, so we plan to take it to be fixed next month.

      My wife wanted a bunkhouse when we started this hunt, but she would agree that you can’t beat the many uses for this toy hauler. Thanks for commenting and please let us know if you have any other questions!


  4. I also have this in the 2016 model and owned since August 2015. Ron was spot on with the hassles but are fixed with a few mods and space heaters.

    I am now looking to dry camp and wanted to know what watt and amp generator any of you have? Also, what you are able to run off of it?

    I’m looking at a 4750 starting, 3800 running generator that runs propane or gasoline and hoping that’s enough to do the job.

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    • I have used,tried several non quiet generators and found them to be annoying at best and flat out won’t do the job. My first was a 5000 watt wake the dead old used model. it would stall when I fired up my roof air. and it would indeed wake the dead. Was LOUD even with a new muffler. Sold it.

      Tried that 4750/3800 watt smarter tools gen and it wouldn’t stall but the surge guard would kick out when I turned on the roof air. Probably would have worked if I didn’t have the surge guard. Sold it.

      Opted to go whole hog and try the best.
      I choose to get a Honda EU7000IS. In 120 volt mode (since that is all I need for my RV), it starts the roof air without much more than a slight increase in RPM from idle. and it is super quiet, though, yes, expensive and heavy. I opted for the lift attachment that allows me to hook it to my rear hitch crane and lift it into the back of my pickup. makes loading it easy.

      I also use my Honda EU7000IS to run my house when the power fails. I had a transfer switch installed on my house. The gen , in 240 volt mode, runs everything (including the heat pump), except the stove, water heater and hot tub.

      Keeping the honda. Love it.

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      • Warren,
        I’m looking to purchase the Honda EU7000IS for my 2017 324CG that has two A/C units. I can find any specs for the full power wattage of these A/C units on the 324CG. I see BTU’s and that one is 15K and the other 13.5K, but no wattage information. Have you used the EU7000IS to power both A/C’s, micro and fridge at the same time?

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      • I went ahead and purchased the Honda EU7000IS. I have partially tested it with my 2017 324CG. I used a 50amp to 30amp adapter and plugged it into the 30amp 240V 4 prong locking receptacle on the generator, and put the voltage switch in the 240V mode. First I turned on the main A/C unit (high fan mode) the built in watt meter on the generator was reading 1750W. This meter is very convenient by the way and it will also display RPMs, battery voltage and hours. Then I turned on the 2nd A/C in the bedroom (high fan mode as well). At this point the watt meter was reading 3000W. This generator is capable of sustaining 5500W running watts and up to 7000 surge watts. So with both A/C’s going full blast you still have 2500W available for the microwave, fridge and water heater. I didn’t have time to test it with everything going, but this generator should be able to handle it. I am very pleased with the Honda and you will not believe how quite it is!!!! About as loud as one roof A/C. It is expensive at $3900 but it does have a 3 year warranty. I am super impressed!

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      • We are glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. I’ll have to keep that one in mind should we need to purchase a generator in the future, it sounds like a good one! Being able to run 2 A/C’s definitely comes in handy! Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Alan,

      Thanks for the comment! We absolutely recommend the 2nd A/C if you live somewhere warm, it’s been a lifesaver for us on those really hot summer days! As far as quality goes, I feel like it’s really well made. I don’t remember seeing many other travel trailers of better quality, unless they were 5th wheels. We didn’t want a bare bones design because it had to feel like home for the wife, versus the utilitarian feel I would’ve been fine with. Let me know if you have any other questions. I believe they didn’t change much, if anything, between the 2015 and 2016 models. Hope that helps!


  5. Wondering if anyone here has pondered taking the bed out of the toy hauler section and replacing it with a built in bunk that would fold up when not in use. With three young children this would be our only concern with this trailer

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  6. Looked at one this week end need to haul 2 dirt bikes has anyone did this looks like it would be a tight fit and looks like it would need 2 more more tie downs this is the only thing holding us back from buying any comments

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    • I’m glad Shawn was able to provide some firsthand input. I was going to suggest adding more tie downs, but I’m glad to hear he doesn’t think you’ll need any. We’ll be doing a youtube video next week with a tour of the RV now that we’re fulltiming. I hope it’ll provide you with some more first hand insight from people who actually LIVE in it and not trying to sell it to you. Feel free to ask specific questions, but we are very happy with our purchase a year later.


      • Looking forward to video Looks like we are going to buy the rv I retire in 2 years we(wife and I) will be traveling in for 3 to 4 months at a time our long term goal is to become full timers like you

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    • I installed a really nice rail that can hold multiple wheel chicks for the motorcycles. I did this on both the rampside as well as the opposite side. I have put 4 kx450 dirtbikes in there it’s tight and I put them front to back alternating the ways they are put in. I freaking love this trailer!! Only complaint is no heat in the garage!

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  7. Roger,

    I have had this camper for a year now and I ride at Chadwick MO atv trails. I have had my KTM 250sx and a full size 4 wheeler side by side (move 4 wheeler once loaded against the wall) and I have had 2 dirt bikes side by side. I load the bikes backward (or ride up and manually turn the bike) and then I close the load door and tighten the front wheels against the door. Tie downs are fine, I haven’t needed additional tie downs.

    Hope this helps.

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  8. Roger,

    I have learned, as with any RV, each one is build separate from the rest on an assembly line of some sort whether machine or a person. This is why all RV companies give some sort of warranty, and in this case, a 1 year manufacturer warranty for the 324cg if bought new.

    I have personally had a defective roof fan (the main kitchen fan with the rain sensor) go out because it was a defective unit, and the floor light by the front door needed fixed because it would flicker on and off by itself due to some kind of short. These are all minor fixes, and if you buy new, then you have the manufacturer warranty. If you buy used, more than likely the previous owner had anything defective fixed by the manufacturer to get the defective issues out of the equation.

    All in all, we have enjoyed taking it on over 20 trips at least as I take it on weekends often to the lake, atv park, or to one of our kids’ favorite destinations in Branson MO or Silver Dollar city theme park.

    I have both used it in the summer and winter. Make sure to get the 2nd a/c and fireplace option for hot or cold weather camping. I have used the camper on full hook-up or boon docking.

    I can say the only thing in my mind that is better is the large Jayco seismic toy haulers which would be my next upgrade if I really wanted to camp in style (maybe overkill for what I do). Other than that, I always feel I have the best travel trailer in its class for what it does and I’m always having heads turned and fellow campers asking about it.

    As long as it does what you need then I would recommend this camper to anyone.

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  9. Hi Folks, have been looking at and studying this RV along with my truck’s capabilities for months. It will be close as far as some of the weights., but not over any. Do any of you pull this with a 1/2 ton gas pickup?
    Your posts have only served to make me want it even more than before reading them.
    Ron, wanna be 324CG owner

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    • Hey Ron,

      Thanks for commenting! Our suburban started as a gas 3/4 ton and struggled towing it. We succeeded, but you could feel the car working hard on just flat ground, and I think mountains would’ve been almost impossible. Our suburban is now a 1 ton diesel and tows with complete ease. Unless we’re driving through the mountains, we hardly notice it’s towing.

      A 1/2 ton suburban or similar SUV would not be adequate in our opinion. I’m not sure how a 1/2 ton truck would compare in regards to towing. Don’t forget to keep in mind the weight of your water tanks ( you’ll want to travel with some fresh water), generator if you’ll have one, toys in the toy hauler section, clothes, kitchen supplies, food, etc.

      Keep an eye out for our RV tour we’ll be doing next week! We plan do to a tour of the RV itself and give you all the pros and cons we can think of, as well as how we’ve adapted this RV for fulltime living. We are extremely happy with our decision to purchase this model.

      Let us know if you have anymore questions and we’ll do our best to answer them below or in our next video! Make sure to follow us on YouTube at so you can see all our videos!


  10. Hello, been reading lots of reviews on the 2016-2017 keystone outback 324cg. About the only thing I can find as a negative is only 1 ac unit. Any updates on your trailer for pros and cons sense you have had it a while now? Thanks

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    • Chris, our 2015 came with 2 AC units and I highly recommend it, even if it doesn’t come from the manufacturer that way. It’s a necessity here in Florida! I hope our lengthy review helps pick apart the trailer for you. We love ours!


      • Looking at a 2018 324cg with 15k but ac and planning on hauling a Harley streetglide in it, any ideas if it will fit in the garage and if the larger ac is enough?


      • I think it all depends on what climate you’re in and your plans with the garage. The garage was our son’s room and it is by far the hottest room in the RV, even with 2 ACs. When he was heading to bed, his room was high 80s/low 90s on Florida’s hottest days. We’d have to run the AC all day long to keep it cooled off enough. Overnight it was fine and cooled off well enough. If you won’t be using the garage as a room, you might be able to get away with the one. The master is the second hottest and we could feel the difference during the hot days, which was when we would turn the AC on, as well as before bed. Hope that helps!


      • Yes on the 2nd ac it’s a no brainer you will be kicking youslef in the if you don’t get it

        I haul 2 bikes one dirt and wife’s street bike ramp is at a steep angle some times and the ground clearance is a problem on. Her bike it bottoms out but then I haul my BMW 1200 gs I have to put in it at an angel to fit
        As a point of reference with my wr250r loaded straight in i have about 6 inches from tail light to the door when it is shut
        Hope this helps

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      • Thanks for the feed back, I bought the camper and we love it though I haven’t put my bike in yet and am getting the second ac in the spring
        On the ramp extender any way to get where to purchase it
        I really appriciate the feedback


  11. All,

    Took the camper out for the 4th of July weekend. I woke up to a few leaks in the roof around the front toy hauler, inside the top cabinet was damp, and the bathroom skylight vent was dripping onto the floor since it rained last night.

    Turns out the heat made the roof so hot (96 degree F all day) and had melted the silicone seals around some of the vents and the entire width of the front hull connecting the roof.

    Going to the hardware store asap before it rains again. I’m sure this could happen to any camper though but it’s just irritating that you have a new camper and this happens.

    Im pretty sure the roof frame is aluminum but I’m not sure of the walls and what kind of impact the water entry will create or since I’m still inside of the warranty period if they will cover any of this.


  12. Shawn, that is awful! I don’t have any knowledge or experience with what you described as the suspected reason, but here central Florida all of the Dealer T.T. sit on the asphalt lots through the same 95 degree temperature conditions daily. They don’t all leak from that or they couldn’t sell them. It would seem to me that there must be a different reason causing your problem. Your wall framing is made from welded aluminum, but the paneling and insulation is what might be damaged and even develop mold and mildew from the water. I would also be concerned if the “sandwich” of fiberglass,insulation and foam board got wet enough to cause delamination in the future – ask dealer about that. I wish you the best.


  13. Since I commented on the video already, I thought I’d copy that here where I found additional and helpful information from other fellow 324CG owners! Maybe it might be useful.

    We just bought (upgraded from a ’04 Cougar 293BHS) a new 2016 324CG on the July 4th weekend and though we love it, we quickly discovered some issues. There are some interesting changes since your model in the video, which appears to be a ’15.

    In ours there wasn’t a 2nd AC (optional, but non-ducted… and It’s hot in the Central Valley CA.), no Fantastic-Fans, or Rest & Read. It seems they did away with some big ticket items to bring newer technology, which we have enjoyed so far. The In-Command digital control is pretty awesome and lockable, and the electric stabilizers are a huge plus. And being a professional geek, having control of nearly everything electrical via a touchpad and/or app is pretty freaking amazing. Also not having switch panels all over the place is clean looking. I love being able to walk outside and extend all the rooms, stabilisers and awnings.

    Landing is really easy now because of the electric stabilizers. Although, you can’t give the stabilizers extra umph like you could with hand-crank jacks because they’re electronically calibrated to stop at a certain pressure, and they only work in pairs*. This also means you must be level side to side by the wheels alone before landing, you can’t be slightly off and use the jacks to compensate. Unfortunately this rig moves a lot more as well because I can’t lower the jacks extra to take some weight off the bouncy wheels. I had an idea that may void my warranty so I don’t recommend it, which was to dip the tongue – lower the rear stabilizers to the ground – then use the tongue jack to bring it slightly up to above level (putting extra weight on the rears) – lower the front stabilizers – lower tongue jack so it’s barely touching the ground.

    *Note, the jacks work pairs only, front and rear. But the good thing is that the pads (left and right) can lower at different distances. So if there’s a downhill slope under your rear stabilizers, the pads will both come down together but the high wide will make contact first and the second will continue down until it touches. Then it’ll keep going until the calibrated pressure is reached together.

    Things I’ve fixed on the first night we camped: (I don’t think they PDI’d my rig properly, even though they had it several days)
    -Windows frame screw fasteners were all needing a few turns. Some were 1/16 backed out and obviously not secure
    -Windows turn knobs were not straight when windows is closed, which interfered with complete coverage of the window shade. Also, screws not secured on the turn knobs either
    -Screens were not affixed properly
    -Hot water was dripping from under the sink’s PEX to faucet connection.
    -Replaced the AC vents with ones that close to direct cold air where it’s needed
    -Sealed area between ceiling and AC ducting with thick waterproofing tape, air was leaking into attic space
    -Interior door knobs were all loose

    Things I shouldn’t fix and are going in for warranty:
    -Bathroom door springs itself open from bent door hinges
    -Front and rear doors are not keyed the same, both sets of keys only open one door
    -Deadbolt (depending on leveling) will work on one door but not the other. It changes.
    -Strut for lift-up King bed storage is busted off and the other side hangs up on the plastic molding
    -Rear bedroom heat register only secured on one side and will bind on room slide at the foot of the bed
    -Vertical finishing strip on wall tapers off to a full 1″ variance. It’s obvious next to the bathroom door and kills my OCD!
    -Bedroom window shade isn’t level when closed and off by 1.5″. Again… OCD

    My Gripes aside from the things pointed out in the video:
    -No day/night shades. Only sheer white day shades which show obvious silhouettes from the dark outside if interior lights are on. Changing for instance and body contours are quite obvious.
    -2nd AC isn’t plumbed for ducting, so it’ll only service the bedroom.
    -iRV stereo isn’t BlueRay?! C’Mon! (also super cheap napkin thin speakers).
    -Kitchen hood isn’t ducted to the outside… It’s just an oversized carbon filter that blows your humid/hot stove air and carbon monoxide back into the living area (Doesn’t Keystone warn about humidity and breathing in gas?! What were they thinking?) I bet it was cheaper to not vent outside.
    -No heating in the garage. Also AC tends to be strongest there since it’s the end of the short run.
    -Axles are reversed raising the floor making landing my motorcycle impossible without cludgie add-ons which take up space.
    -No light outside over the rear man door.
    -Flimsy thin wood platform for the King bed with under-powered struts
    -Carpet in the one single-tiny-external storage. Isn’t this the logical place for all the utility connections?

    On the docket to be installed/upgraded:
    -Hard wired 50 amp power conditioner/surge suppressor
    -AC for rear bedroom
    -Maxxair vent covers/fans
    -Replace man door windows with clear tinted glass
    -Build ramp door extensions
    -Day/night shades
    -Upgrade all speakers and add 12v subwoofer
    -Awning over rear bedroom wall
    -Window awnings and slide toppers
    -Cyclone gray/black tank roof exhaust thingies
    -Collapsable ladder (replace current one)
    -Stove cover
    -Dual LP quick connect adapters under outdoor kitchen
    -Extend kitchen top shelf in cabinet (add shelving to garage cabinets)
    -Universal remote for iRV and Sansui
    -Flag pole attachment to ladder
    -Reseal roof penetrations (after reading from Shawn above)

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  14. I purchased the 324cg, I put my Indian Chieftain in front, I drive up the ramp, bring the front tire to the front right, I then use a floor Jack to slide the back end to the left corner. My only concern is the tongue weight, it is 1780 lbs. on CAT scale, the total trailer loaded with no water weighs in at 9860. 1780 lbs. Is a lot of weight, anyone else weigh the tongue?


  15. Also one other minor issue, black tank level indicator reads full even after dumping. Have to fill it up a few times with the hose and then dump again to get it to reset correctly. Kind of annoying.

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    • We’ve enjoyed using ours for boondocking for the AC, but also the microwave and hairdryer at times. We haven’t done as much boondocking as we’d like, so we haven’t used ours as much as we thought we would. I do like the peace of mind that it gives should we get stuck without hookups, but it’s an expensive purchase for occasional use. Thanks for commenting!


  16. Can you use the garage ramp as a patio deck? Did I read correctly that you can get a two seat sidexside in the garage? And, are newer models better or worse?


    • Hey Gary. You can modify the ramp to use as a patio. I have seen guys use garage cables to suspend it. I would use slide jacks if I were to do it. I would check the width of the door (on floor plane) and see if your sidexside is an option. Unless you are talking about a golf cart sidexside, I do not believe a sidexside UTV, like polaris, will fit. Hope this helps. All the best.


  17. You can maybe get a golf cart in there not a sxs though. I put 4, kx450 dirt bikes in mine no problem. I have also used my ramp as a patio but it is small. And it wants to raise up if there is any wind.

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  18. We just bought a used 324cg 2017 model. Wondering… When you lift the bed to access the storage, is the bed supposed to remain lifted on its own? Ours won’t stay and we have to hold it up. Just wondering if this is the design or if it is something that is not working correctly.


    • Yes it’s supposed to stay up on it’s own using the 2 gas shocks. Mine did the same thing and I replaced the gas shocks with new ones but I went up 10lbs on the rates of the Shock somit has more upward force. Replaced them and it’s allngood now.


  19. Great article! So, my friends have this model and after modifying the rear seat, they were able to fit a golf cart inside. Their issue is the ramp angle and ramp weight limit. I understand the cargo hold capacity, but does that mean the ramp can hold that weight at one time i.e. a golf cart? The ramps they have negate the issue, but if the ramp could hold the weight of the cart driving up it, it would be a much simpler situation.


  20. We are brand new owners of a 2018 324cg. We have not gone camping with yet. We have been trying to figure it but are very confused with the water situation. Is there a secret button or lever somewhere that we need to know about to make the water work from the water tank in the camper. Or is there such a thing as over pressuring the tank?


    • Hey Julie, your water system works off of 2 components. When a hose is attached to your trailer and the valve is turned to city water, you are able to use the water grom the hose. You can also switch this valve to the other side called tank fill and that will use the hose water to fill the tanks. Once that is done, you no longer need to hose. Then you’d go inside to your utility station and switch on your water pump to pump the water from those tanks. Hope that helps!


    • Also when you are at a campground with water hookups keep the lever at the tank fill compartment on “City water” and also don’t turn on your water pump when hooked up to a water source. Only use your water pump when using water from the tanks

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  21. Can anyone tell me the height of the toy hauler entry. Our golf cart is lifted and this is the only thing holding back my decision to get this one ?!? Thanks in advance.


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