How We Roll

Since we’ve always dreamt of traveling, our favorite pastime became visiting RV dealerships. I highly recommend it, kids or no kids, if you’re looking for something fun to do one day. It’s a great weekend activity and gives everybody in the family a bit of exercise. We have spent our fair share of time RV shopping and probably even more time researching RVs. When researching other blogs, I was always curious what each family was driving, why they chose that specific RV, and how it worked for their family. So I will do the same for those of you who are curious!

We I am very picky with house-type floor plans. I had a few several requests for our travel trailer and here they are:

  1. Water pipes cannot share walls with bedrooms
  2. The boy needs his own room aka we could sure use a toy hauler for moving anything in the future
  3. We need extra beds for family to join us on some of our travels
  4. Plenty of storage space because we may live there full-time one day
  5. An outdoor kitchen would be great, but not necessary
  6. A shower door would be great, but not necessary

See, not too picky right? For those of you who have yet to roll your eyes and click the “back” button for thinking I’ll never find anything that meets all those crazy needs of mine, we found the perfect one!


Here we are the day we purchased it!

Here’s pictures of the inside!

20150523_102118 20150523_105224324cg_2016



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