Kids Are Weird

Anyone who has kids knows they’re weird. Plain and simple. My son, gotta love him, has weird opinions on food. I should preface this with the fact that he’s a WONDERFUL eater! I was absolutely blessed in that aspect. But man, does he have his own opinions on things. Almost every morning, we start our day with a great breakfast. We have eggs with some (or all) of the following: caramelized onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and/or cheese. Over the holidays I went to order an omelet at some breakfast place we were eating. Apparently, after the big fuss mind you, my son doesn’t “like” omelets. In fact, according to him, they’re disgusting. After I tried explaining what we eat every morning, I ended the conversation with a “o….k….a….y”. No omelet…today. So needless to say, from here on out we’ve had “eggs” for breakfast with “insert ingredients here”, but NEVER an omelet. Never!

This one I just won last night. Sloppy Joe’s: 1, Mommy: 1!!! I found a great recipe for healthy Sloppy Joe’s and made it a few months ago. It was awesome, had veggies, meat, and made a TON of food so we were able to freeze a bunch and eat it over several dinners. He complained every time we ate it. I was putting it on a bun every time we ate it. I made it last night and had the forethought to put his in a bowl and confused him by putting ours on a piece of bread instead of a bun. As he started to complain before even tasting it I told him this was ground beef just like spaghetti. See, it was different because there was no bun. Whadda ya know? He loved it. Ha, mom for the win!


What weird things do your kids do? Are any of them funny about the names of food like ours?


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