Will our TT work for fulltime?

The short answer: yes. The rest of the answer: but not without some adjustments and challenges. Here’s the skinny on things we plan to adjust or just flat out live with. Please keep in mind, we only have our personal experiences of short traveling to base our opinions off of. We plan to learn along the way, as with anything else in life.

  1. Storage is our biggest challenge! The one major differences in motorhomes and travel trailers is storage! They (motorhomes) come with TONS of underbelly storage and we (TT) have practically none.We would absolutely need to add some storage space on the rear and underbelly. We need a spot to permanently store our generator, as well as off season clothes, books, paper products, tools, etc.
  2. The next, almost equally challenging (well for me anyways) is the fridge and freezer! I’m a big fan of Sam’s Club and crock pot cooking and freezing for later. That won’t be happening if we fulltime. Our RV fridge is 9 cu ft and our freezer has no ice maker leaving us to use ice trays and a bucket for ice storage. We do love our ice in the hot summer months, not to mention our essential frozen fruits for smoothies! For this issue, we plan to acclimate by doing weekly/biweekly grocery trips, eating (not freezing) leftovers, and possibly purchasing a portable ice maker later down the road should freezer space because a big problem.
  3. Stabilization!! We absolutely will be adding more jack stabilizers and wheel chalks!
  4. Electrical surge protection: We have a couple options for this to include buying a plug in surge protection device or hard wired surge protection device. We’ll see what we end up with.
  5. Water pressure regulation: We plan to buy a pressure control valve.
  6. Water heater capacity: We plan to get used to this and adapt as we go. Goodbye 10 minute showers! 😦 But really, we’ll survive. Once we get rich, we’ll purchase a tankless water heater and shower like we’re rockstars…or just like we’re living in a S+B house. 😉
  7. Smoke Detectors!! Huge one, we need one in both bedrooms.
  8. Water Filtration: We don’t want to drink out of water bottles, so we’ll be purchasing a filtration system.
  9. Converter: Our current one is dumb, hubby’s words, not mine. Maybe his word choice or actually a technical term, I haven’t a clue. Anyways, we need a smart converter so it doesn’t cook the battery like our current one. Also a smart converter will charge the battery to 100% versus the 50-75% that our current battery does.
  10. Master Bedroom Closet Space: Aaaahhh!! TBD.
  11. Laundry: We plan to purchase and install a washer/dryer so we can do laundry on the road. We ran the numbers and it just makes sense instead of paying to do laundry and fighting for machines. I’m sure we’ll do a separate post entirely about how we’ll go about installing this.
  12. Light switch and Heat in the garage aka kid’s room. This is a must, it is SOOOOO annoying having a child (or even short adult even) not being able to reach the light switch on the ceiling. This would be a huge recommendation for Keystone to change! Also, we plan to add heat to the garage. With so many people using the garage as a children’s room, this is another great thing to add, although I haven’t seen any garages with heat yet. Maybe it’s a design issue, not sure. One of our readers added a heat vent into the garage, so we may be hitting him up with questions soon!

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