Exercise isn’t about losing weight

The night before my impending doctor’s appointment, I had a dream, well nightmare really. In my dream, (I’ll make it short, I promise!) I was told my body wasn’t handling the surgery very well. My prognosis was a strict diet and no exercise. I was distraught! First, because I couldn’t have anymore pancakes (I have no idea why pancakes, but it’s a dream). Secondly, because I could never physically exert myself ever again! How awful! And just like that, I woke up, upset, sad, and empathetic to those who cannot exercise their entire body like I can. Thus, this post began.

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It’s Fall Y’all!

I have a love/hate relationship with fall!   I love the actual weather fall brings because it’s the perfect amount of cool, but I also know after it, comes the dreaded cold winter that I despise. I am not a winter person, I hate the sickness it brings and cannot stand being cold. All I want to do during winter is eat and curl up on the couch, none of which is a great hobby I’ve learned from experience. I also love fall because of all the fun events, festivals, and activities it brings. It’s the start of the holiday season! Here’s some of our fall favorites over the years:

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What An @$$!!

Almost a week ago, we learned just how big our RV really is. Yes, we’ve seen the numbers, it’s 35 feet or so. But how long is 35 feet exactly? That day, we found the answer. It’s about 2 feet shorter than our exit. No, we didn’t measure, we found out the hard way. The first dent/scratch/scuff/bang/bump is always the most painful, right?? That day, we learned that its best to have me behind the trailer on any tight exit, especially when fences are involved. Thankfully, the fence doesn’t take crap from our 9k pound trailer!! On the updated to-do list…repair our back end. 😦