The day that came and went…

Before my son was even born, I always heard how hard the terrible two’s were. His first year was hard, really hard. It was a struggle and the greatest learning experience I could/would ever encounter, and I’m sure other parents would agree. Fast forward to the terrible two’s…yep, they were terrible! Then I heard these whisperings of three being worse. Wait…what?? I thought after two, this whole parenting thing would be easy peasy. Ha! Boy was I wrong! With each new amazing developmental hurdle he accomplished that made my life more enjoyable, easier if you will, also came new challenges. Kids are born smart. Smarter than us parents! They are born knowing exactly which buttons to push to really irritate us.

I decided right then and there, the first year, the terrible two year, and the year of the tenaciously tough three’s, that he could grow to be five. Five, I learned, was the magical year. Five was the year he could be reasoned with even when upset, he could do more things on his own, he could communicate his ailments, emotions, fears, excitement, etc. The perfect balance of independence and dependence (for mommy) could be achieved this year. At five, he was supposed to stop growing. But he didn’t.

5th Birthday!

He helped make his cake!

His 5th birthday came and went, but something horrifically painful happened. He didn’t stop growing. I could see that in every aspect of every day. I’ve had to cut his hair, his nails, switch out last year’s pants…all of it. Why didn’t he stop growing? With eah passing day, my heart aches for the time that passes. I will never have this day with him ever again. He’s such an amazingly smart and loving individual and I desperately want to freeze this time…but I can’t. Neither can you. While I go continue to breathe through a bag and drink some wine, I encourage you to be mindful that today is the only day exactly like this that God gives you. Enjoy it, love it, soak in every minute! I know I will! 🙂



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