Welcome Week 8!

Okay, before I begin this post, I have a confession. I write my blog posts in a journal when it’s nice and quiet in my house, then transfer them online. I wrote this blog post when we were beginning week 6 of homeschooling and apparently almost two weeks has gone past, so I’m editing the title a bit!


We’re 8 weeks into our first (official) homeschooling year! I totally meant to do a “here’s our curriculum” post at the beginning of the year, but between regular life and uprooting to move into our RV, it just didn’t happen. So I figured the least I could do is update you all now! Here is the curriculum I’ve chosen for our 2016-2017 kindergarten year: Phonics- Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading (started this last year, so hopefully we’ll finish it this year), History- Story of the World Ancients and Activity Guide, Math-Singapore KA and KB and maybe if we work fast enough we’ll begin 1A, Bible-various chosen books and workbooks throughout the year, CC- Cycle 1 at home without a community.  I plan to add handwriting mid year as well as First Language Lessons.

Now for the actual update! I believe in natural/life learning, a bit of a world schooler, who feels like formal education begins too early these days and loves teaching through life and its experiences. However, I’m not quite an unschooling personality when it comes to child directed learning, as you can see by my curriculum listed above. With that said, my curriculum schedule gave me a run for my money a bit in the beginning. Last year “school” consisted of one subject a day. Whether it was phonics, math, crafts, etc.  Going from one subject a day to three or four was quite an organizational and time management adjustment for me.  My son, on the other hand, has been super adaptive and probably hasn’t even noticed a schedule change, aside from school being more interesting.

Now that we’re on week 8, we’ve fallen into quite a nice groove! It is such a wonderful blessing to be able to teach your child. To be utterly challenged by the weaknesses they have currently and how to best teach them, to being completely flabbergasted by their strengths and excitement for learning new things. Teaching aside, it is such a wonderful thing to be able to spend so much time getting to know this person, this child that God has blessed me with!  I hope we all are able to have more time with our children!


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