Lessons From A Child

There was a car accident just outside our campground the other day. We were out getting some laps in when we began to hear siren after siren after siren. On one lap we saw all the police officers and firetrucks out there, as I reminded him how they were there to help the people who were injured. I didn’t realize just how bad the accident was until the life flight helicopter was circling the campground and the road outside to find a place to land. Having never seen a helicopter land in the middle of the road, my son wanted to go observe.

As we were walking to the other side of the campground, I explained why the helicopter was there…that someone was hurt so badly they needed to get to the hospital faster than an ambulance could transport them. When we got over where we could see, I squatted down to ask him if he’d like to join me in a prayer for the injured person. Apparently I was already too late, he had his hands clasped beginning his own prayer. Oh, how my heart melted to see the love and care this child was providing a perfect stranger. We could all use lessons from children some days. Lessons on open mindedness, thoughtfulness, and faithfulness.

What other lessons do you think we could learn from children? Comment below!


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