My Husband’s Weird Look

My husband keeps giving me this weird look.


Every item of furniture we own, as well as all our boxes, are currently in our garage. However, everyday I go over to the house to clean, I keep finding more stuff to trash, donate, bring to the RV, or pack up for storage. I swear someone may be emptying boxes I’ve already packed and scattering them around the house, because I could NOT have accumulated this much stuff in the two short years since we last moved! Maybe it’s some cruel joke my neighbors are playing to keep me from moving! 🙂


At the beginning of the day, I start with one bag by the stairs. That’s my RV bag. Somehow by the end of the day, when my husband comes home from work to help close up the house for the day, that darn RV pile is, well, a pile! Everyday he gives me this weird look. It’s the look of worry because we won’t fit it all, it’s the look of concern because we’re running out of time.


After we pack up the Suburban with yet another load, I keep wondering if I’m the amusement of the other fulltimers. They must be wondering where I’m going to put it all too! I’m glad I can remind them of the day they started their fulltime adventures days, weeks, months, years ago!



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