Best RV for Europe?

We have narrowed down our options for our move to Europe!! We started with six: Class A, Class B, Class B+, Campervan, Truck Camper, and Trailers. We are now down to 3! Watch the video to find out which three we’re thinking about! Make sure to check us out on YouTube and subscribe so you can get notifications as soon as our vlogs are posted!

What would you choose for your European travels and why?


5 thoughts on “Best RV for Europe?

  1. Listening to your requirements and being a resident of the UK, can I give you a few tips for your upcoming year of travel. First and foremost, roads are generally not as wide as usa, especially in urban areas. Not all campsites are open all year and not many can or will accommodate American slide outs. Bathrooms on campsites are usually ok, some fantastic, others not so much. Many campsites have laundry facilities and playgrounds for your little guy. As a motorhome driver and frequent camper, I suggest you join uk clubs, their campsites are plentiful and usually of a good standard and around places of interest and the Caravan and Motorhome club sites are members only. The other good club to join is the Camping and Caravan Club. As members of these clubs you get reduced rates. Another informative site to look at is Uk Campsites, they are a mine of information and have campers reviews, also you can type in specific requirements and it brings up all relevant campsites. We always stay away from the big holiday camps, wall to wall noisy once a year holiday makers are not our scene, but then we are in our 60’s!

    I could spend all day telling you my favourite places to visit on our beautiful island, but half the fun is finding what works for you. All best wishes for a fun filled action packed year.

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    • Thank you so much Sally! I will absolutely check out those sites! I’ve been looking for websites to help in the preparation of traveling. Do you have any good websites for festivals and celebrations? We are wanting to experience those, but also the more quiet areas. Thanks for commenting!!


  2. Hi again.
    I’ve been checking out festivals etc and have a couple of useful websites. and top 20 music It’s also worth checking out 2017 calenders online specific to the areas you want to visit.
    Castles and stately homes have websites and some have evening concerts with light shows or fireworks etc,daytime reenactments, vikings etc. Hope this is useful. There is lots of information online, I’m sure you’ll have fun researching things and places you want to see. Kind regards.

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