Reflecting Back on Our Purchase


When we first purchased our travel trailer, we did so under the assumption that we would be doing weekend or week long trips whenever we could, with the possibility of living in it fulltime for six months or so, many years down the road. My husband wanted a toy hauler and I wanted a “homey” feel. Together, we both wanted to be able to watch movies, entertain, or do dishes after the kiddo went to bed. Our child isn’t one who will sleep with tons of noise, so we knew the extra bedroom was a must. Once we knew what we wanted, we began the online search. Between floor plans, weight allowances, and price, we narrowed down the search fairly easily.

People are always amazed when they come to our RV and realize its much like a tiny home. Well, that’s because it is! 🙂 People asked me when we first started if it was hard to adapt, and I always told them it wasn’t too bad. I think the fact that we were picky and wanted two bedrooms had so much to do with my answer. I realize we have a small family, and that may be much harder for larger families and their division of space. I stand by the fact that pickiness in your search will lead to a smoother fulltime RV living transition. If we weren’t so incredibly picky about our floor plan from the beginning, we probably already would have upgraded by now. So take your time RV shopping. Do your research. Don’t give up on your requirements because a great RV is out there for you!


4 thoughts on “Reflecting Back on Our Purchase

  1. True, it took us about 2 years to find right floor model that fits our needs..well we hope since we dont have it yet … we are picking it up in 3 weeks.

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  2. This is great advice. It’s so easy to get excited over a pretty rig with all the bells and whistles that it’s easy to give up some of the requirements that work for each individual family. We had a fifth wheel that we used for weekend camping and travel, and I absolutely loved it. When we decided to full-time, it just wasn’t practical and we went to a class A. It works perfectly since it’s just the two of us, and we shopped until we found the exact one we wanted. Great post! Safe travels, Dawn

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