Writing the other post about our last day trip to Pensacola made me realize we were ready for another trip! We had family coming in town for July 4th weekend, so we figured we would bring them along with us! Join us in our vlog as we visit the Historic Downtown Village, the Children’s Museum, and another Jaco’s Meal!

The Historic Village Tour was awesome for our nerdy historical side! We really enjoyed our amazing tour guide and the abundance of information she had to offer. We came at the perfect time to pick figs and Seville oranges, so we definitely participated in that! I would absolutely recommend setting some time aside for that tour! You’re also able to enter several other local museums within seven days of your original ticket purchase with your same ticket! Totally worth it!

We then headed over to the Children’s Museum where the first floor was all play and the second was educational. The neat thing about the downstairs play “town” was that it emulated places around Pensacola and museum locations we had already been to. They had a house from the village with beds consisting of ropes and Spanish moss just like on our tour. They had the five flags, a market, a boat, and much more! We wish we had more time to appreciate this museum, but we were short on time. I recommend visiting this museum only if you plan to attend other museums. I should point out that I’m comparing it to other museums like Please Touch in Philadelphia and Fernbank in Atlanta, so I’m a little picky.

All that play and learning made us hungry! I really wanted to try something new to report back to you guys, but hubby was in the mood for good food and we knew exactly where to find it! We headed to Jaco’s Bayfront Bar and Grille to try some new things on the menu. They didn’t disappoint this time either!


Do you have any recommendations for our next Pensacola day trip?? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “Pens-ahh-COLA!

  1. How do you Do those videos? Which program? So cute, and seeing you guys joke around was nice. We stayed @ Fort Pickens, which has a lot of history-you might like visiting it. You’re not far from Destin and my favorite beach-Henderson Beach State Park. Clear, green water and the least crowded. So worth the drive!!

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