What is this HOME you speak of??

Since the beginning of our fulltiming RV life, we’ve moved an average of every other month or so. We typically travel semi locally, with longer trips sprinkled throughout the year. We are currently heading “home” from our Christmastime travels that ranged from Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Savannah, to Atlanta. We’ve been traveling for two weeks straight and I’ve noticed something. Even though our house is with us, we continue to use this term “home”.

“When we get home…”

“It’s time to pack up and head home.”

“How much longer until we get home?”20150530_171537

I find these references quite interesting seeing as how we were either sitting in, or towing our home. So that begs the question…what is a home? By definition a home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a family. Another definition is: one’s place of residence. So I find it intriguing as to what “home” we are referring to specifically. There’s also two more definitions I would like to include as well. 1. A home is the social unitformed by a family living together and 2. A home is a familiar or usual setting, a congenial environment.


What makes your environment congenial? I believe it is the people you’re with. Your family, your friends. Those are the ones who make my life pleasant, the ones who make my “home” feel like home. So even though I carry my home behind me, I still miss my home where my family and friends are. When those two homes collide together, it’s harmoniously relaxing!


Home is not a place, but a feeling. Home is where love resides, where memories are created and shared, where friends and family are welcome and where the love and laughter never fade. The term “moving house” has now become such a common phrase in our home on wheels. We look forward to what the next spot holds and what things we’ll enjoy in our next “neighborhood”. Every new place is a new adventure!


What makes your house a home? How do you keep the adventure alive?



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