If You Had 5 Years…

Someone asked our group of moms tonight, “If you had five healthy years to live, what would you do?” I was slightly surprised by the answers.

There were a few people who said they’d be crying, so sad, and upset. Rightfully so. There were others who said they would have to continue working to keep the income flowing and health insurance active. So true. The majority, however, said they would spend those five years traveling and making memories. I don’t know why this shocked me so much. After all, I’m surrounded by people who live a simple life and share a love of traveling and a lust for adventure. You would think I would’ve totally understood. However, being around these people who share this life over shadows those who dream about it I guess. I have lost track of how many people dream about this lifestyle, dying in five years or not. There are so many people out there who want to see and learn about this world we live in. There are people who live this life others are dreaming about. They have made sacrifices to make it possible. They have downsized whether its by living in an RV, tiny house, or selling it all and staying in hotels or bnb’s. They have developed this sense of appreciation for less materialism and more memories and experiences.

So the question I’m wondering is, if you are a fulltime RVer, would you do anything differently if you only had five years?

If you live the American dream in a pretty house in the suburbs, what would you do if you only had five years? More importantly what steps can you take to begin living some of these dreams now? Have you already started?

For those of you already traveling the world, what is on your five year list? More traveling? To settle down?


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