It’s Fall Y’all!

I have a love/hate relationship with fall!   I love the actual weather fall brings because it’s the perfect amount of cool, but I also know after it, comes the dreaded cold winter that I despise. I am not a winter person, I hate the sickness it brings and cannot stand being cold. All I want to do during winter is eat and curl up on the couch, none of which is a great hobby I’ve learned from experience. I also love fall because of all the fun events, festivals, and activities it brings. It’s the start of the holiday season! Here’s some of our fall favorites over the years:

Pumpkin Picking


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

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We love going to local farms and picking pumpkins right off the patch rather than picking them up elsewhere, although we’ve done both in the past.


Local Farms


We love the farm fall experience from the boiled peanuts as a snack, to the hayrides, to the playgrounds and petting zoos. There’s something for everyone!


Corn mazes are one of the best fall outdoor activities! It gives the kids some exercise outdoors! Just make sure if you live in the south, that you visit on a cool day! The last thing you want is to be sweating and stuck inside a maze! 😉


They have some pretty neat playground set ups and when you get tired, hope on for a hayride!


Dad’s time for exercise now! 😉


I can’t forget to mention the play area made from corn! It beats sand, rubber pieces, dirt, and gravel!


Boo at the Zoo

Most zoos are now offering “Boo at the Zoo” where kids can walk around the zoo and trick or treat on the weekends leading up to Halloween. It’s a great experience for all!

Image result for boo at the zoo 2015

The kids can learn about the animals at the zoo, wear their costumes before Halloween, and not to mention trick or treating! What kid wouldn’t want to do this?



I love a good festival! Whether it’s a pumpkin festival, apple festival, oyster festival, wine festival, or BBQ and Beer festival. It’s a great time to get out in the wonderful fall weather and experience all that is offered locally.

Fall Foilage


This one is self explanatory, but a fall favorite of ours!


Free Fall Photo Shoots



We love fall photo shoots! They’re free, so just set up your tripod and camera and have some fun!! It’s a great time to get out and take some great…and amusing pictures! We actually get some of our best Christmas card photos during some of these fall photo shoots!




What are some of your favorite fall events/festivals? Share yours below in the comments section!


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