A Zoo of a Field Trip!

We had such a wonderful (and frigid) field trip to the zoo for their homeschool day! My favorite was the adorable otters and little man was a fan of the fact that the goats were behind a fence, lol. Loose ones tend to enjoy knocking him over. But really, his favorite was the little monkeys, he would’ve stayed there forever if it weren’t for the playful fight that ensued over at the tiger cage! We learned so much and were able to pet some unusual animals, such as the armadillo! Here’s some pictures I took prior to freezing over completely! 😉

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Non-beachy things at the Beach – Emerald Coast Style

We’ve spent a fair amount of time with friends and family all over the Emerald Coast of Florida and always enjoy every minute of it. I thought I’d take some time to share some of our favorite things to do aside from the beach, as well as other recommended non-beachy places that are still on our to-visit list!

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