Reflecting Back on Our Purchase


When we first purchased our travel trailer, we did so under the assumption that we would be doing weekend or week long trips whenever we could, with the possibility of living in it fulltime for six months or so, many years down the road. My husband wanted a toy hauler and I wanted a “homey” feel. Together, we both wanted to be able to watch movies, entertain, or do dishes after the kiddo went to bed. Our child isn’t one who will sleep with tons of noise, so we knew the extra bedroom was a must. Once we knew what we wanted, we began the online search. Between floor plans, weight allowances, and price, we narrowed down the search fairly easily.

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First RV Crash and Savannah Trip

We decided to be spontaneous and changed our destination the morning of our travels. That may have proven to have caused some bumps in the road, watch the video to see more! Regardless, we enjoyed seeing Savannah and to no surprise at all, needed lots more time to see it all! We will definitely be back, maybe even for several weeks! We enjoyed the history, the homes, and the food! Since we plan to return, we would love to hear your Savannah stories and recommendations for our next trip!

Kennedy Space Center was a BLAST!

The Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida has been on our must-see list for a while now, and we were finally able to get over to the space coast! If you’re even remotely interested in anything NASA and space related, we highly encourage you to plan a trip over there! We had such a blast and didn’t even have time to see it all. If you plan a trip, I suggest you follow their itinerary because we didn’t arrive until around 11am and didn’t have enough time before closing to see everything. There are also several tours that we would’ve signed up for had we been there a second day! Check back with our blog over the next several weeks for full write ups on this trip!

RV Joins for Date Night!

Some people ask us about some of the uncommon perks of fulltime RV life, so we decided to show one of ours in this video! There are many perks to fulltime life, but some are never even discussed. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to bring your RV with you on a date night? Or why someone would even do that? Join us as we show you one of the more uncommon perks of being a fulltime RV family!

Where is the weirdest place you’ve brought your RV??

New FL Campground Review/Video

We recently wrapped up our stay at Destin West RV Resort on Okaloosa Island. If you’re interested in our campground review, click here. Make sure to check out our other reviews from other states as well!

Here’s a short video of some of our time at this resort!


RV or not, what is your favorite thing to do in the Destin, FL area?

Life is Full of Goodbyes

We are fortunate enough (depending on how you look at it and how big of a travel bug you have) to be able to stay local due to my husband’s job. We have enough campgrounds around us to keep us moving pretty regularly which adds to the local adventure. We are also already planning several out of town travel trips. I could talk all day long about my trips that are in the works because I cannot wait to travel more, but I’ll get back to what this post is about. Goodbyes.

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Keeping Busy (and sane!) on a 7 Hour Car Ride

Traveling, whether in an RV or not, can be challenging with kids! Upon the start of our RV journey, we traded in my car for one that happens to not have a TV. Thankfully we had started to reduce our travel movie time prior to getting rid of the TV, so it wasn’t such an inconvenience. We never really watch much TV at home, but man does it come in handy when traveling! Our son is at the age where we spell everything to avoid him being privy to our conversation, but TV isn’t something you can spell. The TV had been deemed “zombie” for obvious reasons! There’s nothing like “zombie”ing out the last 2 horrible hours of an already exhausting and trying car ride. However, with the new tow vehicle/grocery getter, TV is no longer an option. With that, I had to find back-up activities should we he start to break down with time left in our travels.

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