The BEST RV Cargo Rack

We had a reader request more detail into our rear cargo rack attached to the back of our RV. So we decided what better way to go over this than a YouTube video! The Best RV Cargo Rack is the one you design. Our country is full of awesome craftsman, specifically welders and trailer specialists, that are starving for some work. I highly suggest your turn them loose on making the cargo rack that is right for you. We found the cost for a custom rack to be in many cases, better than buying and shipping a prefabricated rack. Let us know if you have any questions.

Rear Cargo Deck Install

Note to future past self: Make sure the trailer installation guy (who rarely, if ever, works on RVs) knows that our sewer hose is located in the rear bumper prior to installation. Oops!

trailer 1


Well it turned out great! Now we just need to paint it!