Groundhog Day Crafts

We found some groundhog day crafts for this year thanks to good ole Pinterest. We did ours early so I could share with you our favorites. We cut out a groundhog and glued him to a black sheet of paper. We then laid him down and colored with chalk all around him making his shadow. Our coloring is a work in progress, but I’m in a “color outside the lines” kind of place with our school.

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CiCi’s Pizza Field Trip

I haven’t done a homeschool update in a few months because we’ve been busy with the holidays and now with school and field trips! We recently took a field trip to CiCi’s Pizza. I had never eaten here because we honestly just don’t eat out that much, but who wouldn’t love a field trip like this? The kids learned the importance of customer service in an establishment such as this, what’s involved in making pizzas, as well as eating the pizza they made. Everybody had a blast and went away with full bellies!

Apparently I could’ve been saving all this time by cooking our homemade pizzas at 500° for 5 minutes! Each child walked away with a certificate with a guaranteed job once they turn 16! It was an enjoyable field trip for all!

Homeschool Projects

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When we started our garden in the spring, we attempted to plant strawberries. Only 2 or the 6 seeds sprouted. They were both different, but yet both had feelers and daughter plants. We did the whole “eenie meenie miney mo” thing and picked one. Well, come to find out, we pulled the strawberry plant. 😦 However, on the up side, we kept a passion fruit plant and caterpillars apparently LOVE those! 

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Animal Kingdom – Day 2!

Despite the constant rain all day long, we had a wonderful second day at Animal Kingdom! We saw so many animals on our Safaris adventure because it wasn’t very hot, so the animals were out and about. We even got stuck for about 10 minutes and enjoyed listening to the lion roaring for a bit before he retired to  his throne! It was so neat!!

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