Am I Ready?

One of my very close friends asked me today if I feel ready to move into the RV, or if I’m totally stressing and freaking out. I automatically gave her my typical “Oh ya, just hoping to get everything packed in time” response. Then I continued about my ridiculously busy day (which I keep meaning to do something about me¬†overbooking myself). It wasn’t until about 9pm that I actually had a second to stop, think, and walk around the house. Am I ready?? And it hit me…

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Pantry This!

This peanut butter powder is the bomb dot com! It’s super creamy, depending on how you like your peanut butter and how much water you add, and not so pasty! Who knew I didn’t like it pasty until now?!? Not me!


The great RV friendly thing about this peanut butter is that you get double bang for your space. You mix in 2 TB of peanut butter powder to 1.5-2TB of water. Saves room in the pantry, and we could all use that, whether your house is on wheels or not!