Day at the Farm!

We had such a great time out at the farm! The kids ran around playing in the mud and climbing in the trees. We saw several new calves, listened to the coyotes howling while we enjoyed the campfire, and enjoyed riding around the pastures in the buggy! You just can’t beat a weekend with family with absolutely no agenda! 🙂


Hmm…babysitter fell asleep on the job…again!

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Epcot, HS, and O’hana!

Epcot is probably our second favorite park at Disney! We love the rides, but also walking around the World Showcase. We were too busy having so much fun there and at Hollywood Studios that we forgot to stop and take as many pictures as we did at Magic Kingdom! We had dinner at Biergarten in Epcot,  which was so neat with their dinner show! While at Hollywood Studios, we had dinner at Mama Melrose’s, which is yummy Italian! Here’s the few pictures we did take!

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My biggest success for this entire trip was probably scheduling my son’s birthday dinner celebration at O’hana inside the Polynesian Resort. You may or may not know, but this restaurant is rated 2nd for the best places to view the fireworks from Cinderella’s Castle.

We had a reservations at 8:20pm because that was the ONLY one available months ago when I went to reserve them. In full disclosure, I messed this up big time. This was the one reservation where I didn’t reserve right when I woke up. I did it around noon, therefore, we got the LAST reservation available. I tried and tried and tried to change it to an earlier time, but could never get another opening reservation. My plan was to eat dinner then walk to the beach to watch the fireworks, but alas, we kept our 8:20 time.

While at Disney, we learned that people with 7-7:30ish reservations tend to sit and slowly eat in their seats and stay for the 9pm fireworks show. That’s almost a 2 hour dinner people! I thought by having an 8:20 reservation, that meant we’d definitely see the fireworks while eating. I was wrong. So, to try to get to a table early enough to stay long enough for the fireworks ( I realize how weird that sounds), we arrived to O’hana an hour early and begged for an earlier time AND a firework table for our birthday celebration. We hung out for close to 30 minutes and we scored a table!!!! Not only a table, but probably the best table in the place, right next to the windows with the Castle front and center! It was AMAZING!! We were able to eat and watch the fireworks from the comfort of our table! It was by far, an unbeatable experience and I’m so happy it worked out for us!

Supposedly, the Contemporary is the #1 place to watch the fireworks. I’ll preface this with the fact that I’ve never been there. However, I feel fairly confident is saying that O’hana should be #1! You can’t beat the fabulous food AND watching the Castle fireworks front and center from the Polynesian is unbeatable! The Contemprary is off to the side of the Castle, so their firework view is a little skewed. Therefore, the Polynesian has a head on view of the greatest fireworks show! Needless to say, I highly recommend you trying to get a reservation here on your next trip! 🙂

If you have any dining recommendations for our Disney readers, please share in the comments below!!

Magic Kingdom!!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, we always try to visit Magic Kingdom for Day 1. We feel like visiting the castle and Magic Kingdom is the perfect way to start off our Disney World vacation! As you can see we had an absolute blast visiting Tom Sawyer’s Island, watching (not riding) the Thunder Mountain Railroad, walking through the Swiss Family Tree house, and much more! Tom Sawyer’s Island is a great place to burn off a child’s energy, I highly recommend it!

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If you aren’t already too tired, I highly recommend staying for the Main Street Electrical Parade! It’s similar to the 3pm parade but all the floats have tons of lights! The fireworks show over the castle is amazing!! I haven’t found a bad seat yet, although the train station is a fan favorite for sure!