CiCi’s Pizza Field Trip

I haven’t done a homeschool update in a few months because we’ve been busy with the holidays and now with school and field trips! We recently took a field trip to CiCi’s Pizza. I had never eaten here because we honestly just don’t eat out that much, but who wouldn’t love a field trip like this? The kids learned the importance of customer service in an establishment such as this, what’s involved in making pizzas, as well as eating the pizza they made. Everybody had a blast and went away with full bellies!

Apparently I could’ve been saving all this time by cooking our homemade pizzas at 500° for 5 minutes! Each child walked away with a certificate with a guaranteed job once they turn 16! It was an enjoyable field trip for all!


Asheville Adventure

Once we wrapped up our Tennessee fall trip, we hit the road and headed straight for Asheville. We have a weak spot for the gorgeous Biltmore Estate and couldn’t wait to show our son all around! They absolutely need to have a campground on the Estate, I would love to stay on the property in the RV! We toured the Estate, walked the gardens, and even fit in the wine tasting I had previously missed out on in Gatlinburg! {Winning!} It was an awesome day and we definitely could’ve used another day there! On a side note: I highly recommend hitting up the Candlelit Tour during the Christmas holiday, it’s amazing!


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For this trip we stayed at Taps RV Park about 15 minutes from the Biltmore. Here’s the campground review for that park.

Tennessee Trip

It’s been a while since we’ve seen fall in the mountains…make that a long while. Our fall foliage trip this year consisted of a few nights in Pigeon Forge, followed by 2 nights in Asheville, NC. We stayed at Bear Cove Village, which is down the street from Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. You can check out our Bear Cove Village reviews if you’re interested in visiting this great campground! We thoroughly enjoyed driving around in the mountains and seeing all the beautiful colors!



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Animal Kingdom – Day 2!

Despite the constant rain all day long, we had a wonderful second day at Animal Kingdom! We saw so many animals on our Safaris adventure because it wasn’t very hot, so the animals were out and about. We even got stuck for about 10 minutes and enjoyed listening to the lion roaring for a bit before he retired to  his throne! It was so neat!!

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We’re Goin’ Yamping!

What is yamping you ask? Well it’s yard camping! So we had originally planned to go yamping with a little bit of boondocking on this next road trip. Our plans had to be altered, so we’ll just be doing some yamping and camping this trip. Our new plan is to stay with family and camp in their yard for a day or two in between staying at some campgrounds. We’ll be boondocking in a way because we won’t be hooked up to anything while staying with family.

Why yamping? First and foremost, it’s a great way to visit with family and friends that are near or on the way to  your destination. You can catch up with people you may not normally be able to visit with, and that is truly a great experience!  Another bonus: it’s a great way to keep down costs of traveling!


What is boondocking? It is another name for dry camping, which means parking anywhere without any or with limited amenities. Dry camping is more describing camping without hookups at a campground, while boondocking typically means staying in a completely undeveloped area. So for this particular trip, we’ll be boondocking while yamping. 🙂 This actually works out for the best considering we’ve never dry camped, so we’ll work out all the kinks in the comfort of our family’s yard on the front and back end of our trip. When we first bought our trailer, we had all the intentions of dry camping in our driveway to work out any kinks, but got so excited in traveling that we forgot all about that whole “testing it out before getting on the road” theory.

Why boondock? It’s a great way to get out into nature, away from busy cities, towns, traffic, and crowds! Best part…it’s FREE!!


How we’ll prepare for boondocking &/or yamping: We’ll be packing more batteries, along with a charger to charge them each day should we need to. We’ll carry full water tanks instead of our typical half or a third because we’ll need all the water we can get! Since it’s starting to feel like fall, we’ll be packing extra blankets for colder nights. We have a 4k watt Powerhouse generator that has a supposed 8 hour run time at full capacity. Therefore, we’ll only be using 1 A/C instead of both. We run this generator on our pack days, but plan to test it on this trip so we can give you all a review after we get back! Also, we plan to refill the generator on travel days whenever we stop for gas.


We haven’t even been boondocking yet, but already on our boondocking dream list is:

1. More RV batteries! We’ve been told 4 is a great number! We have….1.

2. Solar Panels!!!!! We can’t wait to make our own power to save for a later time. Not to mention being able to camp in the middle of nowhere for more than a few days! Sounds AMAZING!!

Alright, let’s get this thing on the road!

Horse Farm Field Trip

We took our second field trip of the school year to a local horse farm. They have several horses that they take to shows on the weekends, as well as offering riding classes and field trips for schools and homeschool groups. We had a great turnout with children of all ages!

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We learned the anatomy of a horse, how to brush and groom them, and even how they show when they’re happy or irritated. We learned about trotting, cantering, and galloping. The kids were able to brush, pet, and feed a lot of the horses. We wrapped up the field trip with a quick riding lesson, which was a fan favorite in our house for sure!

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Magic Kingdom!!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, we always try to visit Magic Kingdom for Day 1. We feel like visiting the castle and Magic Kingdom is the perfect way to start off our Disney World vacation! As you can see we had an absolute blast visiting Tom Sawyer’s Island, watching (not riding) the Thunder Mountain Railroad, walking through the Swiss Family Tree house, and much more! Tom Sawyer’s Island is a great place to burn off a child’s energy, I highly recommend it!

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If you aren’t already too tired, I highly recommend staying for the Main Street Electrical Parade! It’s similar to the 3pm parade but all the floats have tons of lights! The fireworks show over the castle is amazing!! I haven’t found a bad seat yet, although the train station is a fan favorite for sure!

1st Day of PreK!!


We started school the 2nd week of September because we were busy traveling and I wanted time to get my life organized before starting a “new” year. I use quotes because we did some PreK last year, so we’re somewhat in between grades in a way. I’m planning to do PreK until December, then start with Kindergarten work if he’s ready. I’m in no rush to push him, because he’ll learn it all eventually!

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