Disney World Bucket List – Part 3

We hope you enjoy our 3rd and final video on our Disney Fort Wilderness Christmas RV trip! We enjoyed exploring all around the campground and partaking in the holiday festivities at Disney! We even had time to venture out and take in a little bit of Orlando! We highly recommend the sushi restaurant that was recommended by Trip Adviser if you’re ever in the Orlando area! For my fellow runners, I’d love to hear what company you use for your favorite running gear! As always, don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe!


Disney World Bucket List – Part 2

Come with us as we set out to finish our Disney Bucket List! We’re staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground on Disney property and heading off to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We skipped the conventional park tickets to enjoy the camping lifestyle at Disney and the Christmas Party! We had such a blast and would love to hear about your trips to the campground and Christmas Party! Don’t forget to hit “like” if you enjoyed this video and subscribe for more videos!

Disney World for Christmas

For those of you who follow us on Instagram and/or YouTube probably already know that we’ve been on this fun travel trip for the holidays! Not quite as epic as the one we have planned next month, but a close second. We left the panhandle and headed to Disney World to check off our final two Walt Disney World bucket list items, which were to stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground and attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We enjoyed an eventful and holiday filled few days! We loved every minute of our trip!

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Disney World Bucket List – Part 1

After our Disney World Annual Passes expired, I had two things still on my Disney Bucket list before we expand our travels beyond the state of Florida. Therefore, we had to check them off this Christmas season! The first was staying at the Fort Wilderness Campground and the second was attending the Very Merry Christmas Party! I’ll be writing a blog post in a few days about our campground adventure, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video! Are you following us on Instagram and YouTube?? If not, you should be! 🙂

Disney on a Budget

For those that aren’t aware, a Walt Disney World vacation can cost a small fortune. Some people have referenced it being the same price as a trip to Tahiti or the Bahamas or Europe…you name it. Being the cheap person that I am, (so cheap that I went 10 years without buying trash bags) I have figured out some ways to make Disney cheaper. Here’s an insight into my cheap ways:

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Epcot, HS, and O’hana!

Epcot is probably our second favorite park at Disney! We love the rides, but also walking around the World Showcase. We were too busy having so much fun there and at Hollywood Studios that we forgot to stop and take as many pictures as we did at Magic Kingdom! We had dinner at Biergarten in Epcot,  which was so neat with their dinner show! While at Hollywood Studios, we had dinner at Mama Melrose’s, which is yummy Italian! Here’s the few pictures we did take!

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My biggest success for this entire trip was probably scheduling my son’s birthday dinner celebration at O’hana inside the Polynesian Resort. You may or may not know, but this restaurant is rated 2nd for the best places to view the fireworks from Cinderella’s Castle.

We had a reservations at 8:20pm because that was the ONLY one available months ago when I went to reserve them. In full disclosure, I messed this up big time. This was the one reservation where I didn’t reserve right when I woke up. I did it around noon, therefore, we got the LAST reservation available. I tried and tried and tried to change it to an earlier time, but could never get another opening reservation. My plan was to eat dinner then walk to the beach to watch the fireworks, but alas, we kept our 8:20 time.

While at Disney, we learned that people with 7-7:30ish reservations tend to sit and slowly eat in their seats and stay for the 9pm fireworks show. That’s almost a 2 hour dinner people! I thought by having an 8:20 reservation, that meant we’d definitely see the fireworks while eating. I was wrong. So, to try to get to a table early enough to stay long enough for the fireworks ( I realize how weird that sounds), we arrived to O’hana an hour early and begged for an earlier time AND a firework table for our birthday celebration. We hung out for close to 30 minutes and we scored a table!!!! Not only a table, but probably the best table in the place, right next to the windows with the Castle front and center! It was AMAZING!! We were able to eat and watch the fireworks from the comfort of our table! It was by far, an unbeatable experience and I’m so happy it worked out for us!

Supposedly, the Contemporary is the #1 place to watch the fireworks. I’ll preface this with the fact that I’ve never been there. However, I feel fairly confident is saying that O’hana should be #1! You can’t beat the fabulous food AND watching the Castle fireworks front and center from the Polynesian is unbeatable! The Contemprary is off to the side of the Castle, so their firework view is a little skewed. Therefore, the Polynesian has a head on view of the greatest fireworks show! Needless to say, I highly recommend you trying to get a reservation here on your next trip! 🙂

If you have any dining recommendations for our Disney readers, please share in the comments below!!

Animal Kingdom – Day 2!

Despite the constant rain all day long, we had a wonderful second day at Animal Kingdom! We saw so many animals on our Safaris adventure because it wasn’t very hot, so the animals were out and about. We even got stuck for about 10 minutes and enjoyed listening to the lion roaring for a bit before he retired to  his throne! It was so neat!!

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Animal Kingdom!!

I absolutely LOVE Animal Kingdom because it is such a great opportunity to learn about all kinds of animals! This is a homeschool mom’s dream field trip! We had such a great time and could’ve spent many more hours there! We did Kali River Rapids, Flights of Wonder, Lion King, and much, much, more!

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