Keeping Busy (and sane!) on a 7 Hour Car Ride

Traveling, whether in an RV or not, can be challenging with kids! Upon the start of our RV journey, we traded in my car for one that happens to not have a TV. Thankfully we had started to reduce our travel movie time prior to getting rid of the TV, so it wasn’t such an inconvenience. We never really watch much TV at home, but man does it come in handy when traveling! Our son is at the age where we spell everything to avoid him being privy to our conversation, but TV isn’t something you can spell. The TV had been deemed “zombie” for obvious reasons! There’s nothing like “zombie”ing out the last 2 horrible hours of an already exhausting and trying car ride. However, with the new tow vehicle/grocery getter, TV is no longer an option. With that, I had to find back-up activities should we he start to break down with time left in our travels.

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