Entering the Everglades

The Everglades were our first National Park visit while fulltiming in our RV. I had heard horror stories about trying to get reservations at National Parks. People were waking up at 4am only to have to try again and again at 4am for several straight days to get a reservation. With Alan working a regular full time job, our adaptability in schedule was a big issue. I could move our dates around a bit, but with reservations in Key West and Ft.Myers also needing to be done six months in advance, I wasn’t going to be able to alter them too much. I got online to “practice” the reservation process to ensure I knew how to do it when it became time. Next thing I know, I had a reservation! It was such an easy process online and I had no problem getting a spot. Maybe the issue lies in the larger more popular National Parks?


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Nobody Warned Me

Nobody warned me how tricky it would be to make a fulltiming schedule, and clearly I never thought too much about it. Scheduling a campground for the weekend, or even for a week or two trip, is easy because we never stay anywhere longer than a few nights. If something isn’t available when fulltiming, you’ve got to get resourceful because you’re now talking about your home.
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