3 Months into Fulltiming

Well, we’re 3 months in! I know, I’m as shocked as you are! I can’t believe it’s been 3 months already and I haven’t a clue where the time has gone. We just arrived at campground #3 and will be here for a month before moving on. We’re really enjoying this lifestyle, and I keep reminding myself that part of that could be that we live in a vacation town. I keep thinking that I need to constantly remind myself of that so I’m not disappointed later down the road. But honestly, I’m not sure I’ll ever be disappointed with this lifestyle. Yes, there will always be the good places and the not-so-good places, but the thing about this lifestyle is that you’re doing it to explore and wander, not really to hang at the campground and ‘live’. Since we do have to do some ‘living’ locally right now, I’m more than happy to do it in a vacation town! šŸ™‚ Here’s a quick video update of things we’ve been doing and working on while living fulltime in our RV! We hope you enjoy, like, comment, follow, subscribe, etc!

The Nina and Pinta

Months ago, my husband went on a work trip and returned with a small Pinta for my son. He LOVES it still to this day! Aside from having a fascination with pirates and pirate ships,Ā he wanted to learn everything he could about these two ships. Needless to say, it was a bit of an easy decision about attending the homeschool tour of the Nina and Pinta when they came through town. I didn’t even tell him until we were on our way there because I knew he’d be too excited to sleep.

We paid, got put in our group, and walked down the boardwalk towards the two ships. That’s when it happened. I had just finished taking this picture…

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5 Things We Miss As Fulltimers

My previous post aboutĀ 2 things I miss most while living in an RVĀ got us thinking about what we really miss about living in a sticks and bricks house. We decided to make a list, 5 for him and 5 for her, of things we miss most as fulltimers. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our list, as well as adding any of your personal ones below in the comments!

Marine Science Center Field Trip

We finally got around to checking out theĀ Navarre Beach Marine Science StationĀ on a local homeschool day. They had several stations where we could try out their water robots, learn about sea turtles and their nests, learn how toĀ net fish and were able to catchĀ (and release) tons of fish! There was a wonderful station where we learned all about pollutionĀ and things that harm the Earth. We were able to be hands on with fish and even shark teeth, as well as observingĀ things that are in the ocean around us that we don’t regularly get to see while swimming. This was a great field trip, especially for those of us who won’t always live near the ocean. or who want to learn more!

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Big Kahunas & Mugshots

It’s Father’s Day weekend, a sunny Florida summer day, so what’s better than hanging at the local campground? Heading to the water park, of course! We’ve had several friends go, so we figured we would see what all the fuss was about! It was such a wonderful day running around being silly, floating and relaxing in tubes, and of course taking on the slides! I’d say B’s first water park trip was a success!

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Happy Blog-iversary!

Apparently we’ve officially had this blog for one year now. With that, I feel I should share with you my feelings on blogs in general. Blogs are so incredibly important. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve read and appreciated over the years. Blogs are similar to friends…don’t quit on me yet, I swear this will make sense! Your friends have different personalities and they each bring different things to their friendship with you. Blogs, for me at least, each affect me differently. They may teach me something, make me laugh, make me reflect and think. Some make me sad, mad, and some even make me wish I’d never read them. But, they’re amazing! The recipes, the teaching ideas and concepts, arts/crafts/games, homeschool lessons and ideas, and things I never knew I wanted to learn.


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My Husband’s Weird Look

My husband keeps giving me this weird look.


Every item of furniture we own,Ā as well asĀ all our boxes, are currently in our garage. However, everyday I go over to the house to clean, I keep finding more stuff to trash, donate, bring to the RV, or pack up for storage. I swear someone may be emptying boxes I’ve already packed and scattering them around the house, because I could NOT have accumulated this much stuff in the two short years since we last moved! Maybe it’s some cruel joke my neighbors are playing to keep me from moving! šŸ™‚

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