Making headway…?

I feel so accomplished…until I remember how small my RV closet is. Ugh.


On a side note, I’ve seriously had nightmares about this closet and our freezer. A closet and a freezer, crazy i know! Not quite sure how we’ll do it, but a lot of people do it with a lot less, so we’ll see just how creative we can get. And yes, I already turned down my husband’s idea of bolting the freezer onto the back bumper. He is just THAT classy! 😉 But seriously hubs, that’d use so much electricity trying to cool that thing in the hot summers! :O


Am I Ready?

One of my very close friends asked me today if I feel ready to move into the RV, or if I’m totally stressing and freaking out. I automatically gave her my typical “Oh ya, just hoping to get everything packed in time” response. Then I continued about my ridiculously busy day (which I keep meaning to do something about me overbooking myself). It wasn’t until about 9pm that I actually had a second to stop, think, and walk around the house. Am I ready?? And it hit me…

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Life is Full of Goodbyes

We are fortunate enough (depending on how you look at it and how big of a travel bug you have) to be able to stay local due to my husband’s job. We have enough campgrounds around us to keep us moving pretty regularly which adds to the local adventure. We are also already planning several out of town travel trips. I could talk all day long about my trips that are in the works because I cannot wait to travel more, but I’ll get back to what this post is about. Goodbyes.

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The Road to Fulltiming

I honestly don’t even know where to begin, but I feel like an update is much needed/deserved for our awesome followers! That’s you! 🙂 Once we officially decided to give fulltiming a try, the first step was notifying our landlord. We were hoping for a July launch date to allow us more packing/prepping time, but June 1st it is! So needless to say, some serious decluttering and packing started happening immediately. Decluttering is both easier and harder than you would think.

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This Move is Harder

I have a few moves under my belt because, well, we apparently don’t like to sit still for too long. With all that experience, I will say that this particular move is harder. I was reading another blog post from Newschool Nomads where they are saying farewell to life on the road. Something that Jenn said really struck me deep.

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My Closet

So, if you cannot tell from the picture, this is my closet. Some things about decluttering are fun and refreshing. Cleaning out your closet when you actually surprisingly wear most of these items….not so much. Today my husband spent an hour cleaning out his closet. And now…he’s…DONE! He is ready to move his closet into his RV closet. Just like that, he’s finished. Seriously dude?!? Back to my closet, this picture is after I’ve sifted through it….THREE TIMES!!!! Oye veh! Maybe by the 15th time, I’ll be RV ready…??


Nobody Warned Me

Nobody warned me how tricky it would be to make a fulltiming schedule, and clearly I never thought too much about it. Scheduling a campground for the weekend, or even for a week or two trip, is easy because we never stay anywhere longer than a few nights. If something isn’t available when fulltiming, you’ve got to get resourceful because you’re now talking about your home.
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