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Welcome to our blog! Ever since high school, my husband and I have always enjoyed “just driving around”. We were both homebodies with a love for exploring new places! As a child, when my family took road trips, I would stare out the window longingly at the houses passing by. I always told my parents, “If that was our house, we’d be home now.” I have been known to still do that as an adult.

We were a typical American family of three, living a blessed life in a house in the suburbs, dreaming about one day traveling after retirement. We came to the heart piercing realization that our travel dreams may never happen when we received some earth shattering news on a frigid December day. With a lot of faith and prayers, we are here and healthy, and have decided there is no better time than NOW to travel this great nation!

So, instead of investing in our retirement for the year, we invested in something much more amazing…memories!! Join us as we hit the road and explore God’s great country!!

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6 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. Hi guys just stumbled on your best three Tampa. I hope you might be able to help. We are 63 and 62 year old married couple of 42 years. With a few more years to retirement. We have been preparing for a class a purchase for a long time. Search has gotten very close to purchase maybe this year. All I do is get more confused one problem being we are in Boston and not a lot of dealerships in the area. Another issue is every time I think I have found a good manufacturer and motorhome I will find people on sites saying bad things. I know this information might not be true. But when spending this kind of money it can be scary. I’m am a tradesman so I’m not afraid of the minor things but want a manufacturer that will back their product up. The local dealers don’t get rated very well in my area We have been leaning towards the Thor line recently but cannot find much feedback on reliability and customer satisfaction. I hope I have expressed myself ok. I’m not going back to proof read. It took me a long time to type this. I’m not a typer lol. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks in advance jim and deb.

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