Disney World for Christmas

For those of you who follow us on Instagram and/or YouTube probably already know that we’ve been on this fun travel trip for the holidays! Not quite as epic as the one we have planned next month, but a close second. We left the panhandle and headed to Disney World to check off our final two Walt Disney World bucket list items, which were to stay at the Fort Wilderness Campground and attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We enjoyed an eventful and holiday filled few days! We loved every minute of our trip!

Fort Wilderness is a wonderful wilderness resort on 750 acres and has campsites for large RVs, as well as tent campers . We saw both all over the campground, so there was a wonderful variation. The campsites can accommodate up to ten people, so there were plenty of families and/or friends who met up at WDW for a fun vacation! We didn’t use the bathroom facilities, but they looked plenty large and were conveniently located close to the campsites without being right on top of them.


You’ll never run out of things to do when you’re not spending the day at Disney’s parks!  Between the various pools (one having a water slide), campfire shows, archery, horseback riding, bike riding, and canoeing, you’ll stay busy if you want! With that said, there were plenty of people just relaxing at their campsite or walking around chatting with neighbors! The resort also has a great internal bus system to get you to the marina and bus depot to head to the parks.


We rode bikes all around the campground, explored the marina, learned all about the horses at their barn, and even watched Merida’s (the main character from the movie Brave) horse being re-shoed. The campground was a destination in itself and would be a wonderful month long stay! I highly recommend RVers and non-RVers alike to stay here in the campground and/or cabins during one of your WDW trips!



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