RV Life & Our Family and Friends

Man oh man, where do I begin! This was such an awesome experience! My son had been requesting his cousins for his birthday and being a traveling family, we just couldn’t come through for him. But little did he know, plans were in store for them all to be together shortly after! I’ll let you check out the video, but watching them reunite was just sooooo amazing!! If anything could make that weekend even better, we were able to meet up with some fellow fulltime RVers! You may have heard of them, Exploring the Local Life, they’re amazing!! We loved watching their videos as we prepped for our transition, and of course, still enjoy them!! You know you watch too much YouTube when your 6 yr old asks if we follow them and they follow us prior to our meet up! :O Without giving too much away, here’s the video!

Make sure to check out our friends over at Exploring the Local Life!!

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