Piano On The Road – Online

It’s really difficult to partake in youth extracurricular when traveling fulltime. You miss out on the organized sports, but obviously gain so much more in travel and real world experiences. One thing that doesn’t have to end is musical instruments and instructions. I’ve seen several people discuss various instruments while on the road, but I can only attest to our success with piano. We started online piano lessons a few months prior to going fulltime, as we had a real piano at home. I was distraught when we had to put it in storage. We are currently searching for a keyboard to bring with us on our travels so we can continue our piano lessons.


Now let me rave on what online school we use! I can’t say enough good things about Hoffman Academy and their piano instruction. We do the lessons together and learn something new each time. WE started their FREE 100 piano lessons for beginners and really enjoy the short 10 minute and to-the-point lessons they provide! This is such a great starting point for anybody! You can go as fast or as slow as you’d like and adults and kids can learn together, which we couldn’t get in a real piano studio environment!


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