The Thing About Planning

Do you know that saying, “We plan, God laughs”? I feel like this should be the sole motto for fulltiming. Even traveling locally, I have YET to have my original plans remain unchanged. If you’re unsure as to why we didn’t fly by the seat of our pants when scheduling our travels, check out our Nobody Warned Me post.

I had all these grand plans that took time to perfect. We would hit each campground as their “off season” rates began, to get the best deals possible. We had to plan our monthly stays around our big travel trips to ensure the best campground rates. It was all done, reserved, and finalized to a T. And then life happened…

Hubby had a business trip so we decided to stay at our original campground spot an extra week while he was away, causing us to only get 3 weeks at campground #2. We had an electrical fire (if you missed that craziness, you can check it out our I Smell Smoke… post) that caused us to move out of campground #3 for a week. Fast forward to our next campground where we’ll be taking an unplanned, but welcomed, month long trip to Mississippi. For those keeping track, we’ll finish up our first 6 months fulltiming with every single plan and reservation being altered in some way.

But isn’t that why we chose this path? For the adventure? To take advantage of everything God puts out before us? To enjoy as much quality family time learning to live, and living to learn? We turn stressful situations in everyday life into a new opportunity.

I hope you do the same.


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