Our $900 Solution

For those of you following along with our RV electrical fire, we wanted to update you all.

Good news: nobody was harmed, there was no major damage, we had somewhere to stay while the RV was in the shop, it was fixed after only a few days

Bad news: It wasn’t exactly a cheap fix, we moved back into the RV just in time for Hurricane Hermine to head for land! With that being said, stay tuned for our RV Hurricane post coming soon!

Here’s our update on our RV repair:


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3 thoughts on “Our $900 Solution

  1. This is such a tough thing to deal with when you leave your home in the hands of strangers. We’ve had our RV worked on in many states during these past 9 months on the road. We travel long distances sometimes. Good news is that people have always respected our motorhome. In some cases, they work with us so we don’t have to be out too long. One shop let hookup at their shop. Another shop let us use their dump station and water for 1 1/2 weeks. Electrical is more difficult. One of our problems led us to find a recall our delership didn’t tell us about and that recall saved us $4, 300. So check to see if others had the same problem. Don’t worry, we’re having adventures and our good days are better than many people have in a lifetime, right?

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