Internet on the Road

This is one of the most common questions to those debating life on the road. There were so many recommendations out there but the most common is the Verizon Jetpack (mifi). The key to getting enough GBs is to find someone who rents their Verizon unlimited data plans. This is super common in the RV world as internet is a necessity for most, as it is for us. We could never fulltime without this because it would be upwards of $1k/month through Verizon. We have adapted so well, that we even take our Jetpack with us in the car when traveling to save us from using our personal data.


A fellow RVer rents theirs and comes with wonderful accolades, but we just couldn’t swallow the price as we were still switching from our house to fulltiming and had other startup costs. We needed internet right away as our campground’s WiFi was non existent. This forced us to continue the hunt for more/cheaper data plans. The hubby actually found another person online renting theirs for about $20/month cheaper than we had seen elsewhere, so our minds were made up. We have enjoyed working with our provider as he was especially helpful with start-up. We haven’t had any problems and enjoy using that extra money each month on our travels!

I was thinking about this the other day, but haven’t run the numbers. If we could drop our personal wireless data plan low enough, this may still be a viable internet option if we ever return to a sticks and bricks house. Let us know if you have any questions regarding our internet setup, or if you’d like the contact information for our unlimited Verizon data provider.


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